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How To Get Rid Of Shower Drain Smell

Shower drains are one of the dirtiest parts of your home. When you clean yourself, all the dirt that has been washed by water will go down the drain. When you release waste materials from your body, it will also pass through the drains. Simply speaking, everything that goes down your shower drains is dirty. That being said, you can expect that all the bacteria and dirt are building up in your shower drains. And because of this, it is not shocking for them to emit a foul odor. However, although shower drain smell is common, it does not mean that it is acceptable. When the drains in your bathroom are starting to release a nasty smell, you should attend to it before it can even spread.

Removing shower drain smell is actually not too difficult. If you want to get rid of shower drain smell, you have to remove what is causing it. So, you can just clean up your drains and the smell, together with the odor-causing germs will go away too. If you are dealing with smelly shower drains, here are some tips that you might find useful in removing the foul odor coming from the shower drain.

Loosen up the clogged bacteria

The very reason for shower drain smell is clumps and clumps of bacteria and viruses living in it. The first thing that you should do is to dislodge these clogged bacteria from your shower drain. To do this, boil a lot of water. You will need about a gallon for this to be effective. After you have boiled the water, simply pour it directly to the shower drain. The heat will loosen up the bacteria and the water will flush them down.

Pour baking soda on the shower drain

Baking soda kills unwanted bacteria and it also absorbs odors. You can just get about a cup of baking soda and pour it directly down the drain. Let it sit there for about half an hour and check if the smell has been lessened. Pour another cup of baking soda and wait for another thirty minutes.

Follow up with vinegar

To flush out the baking soda and the remaining bacteria in the shower drain, you can just pour about 4 cups of vinegar and water solution down the drain. You will hear a sizzling sound once the vinegar and baking soda reacts together. You can also take note that when this happens, more bacteria are being killed. Just leave the baking soda and vinegar in the shower drains for the next couple of hours.

Wash with pressure washer

To dislodge more clumps of bacteria from the drain walls, you can borrow or rent a pressure washer. Simply point the hose towards the drain and turn on the pressure washer. The surge of water will force the bacteria clumps that cause the odor to be flushed out.

Treat the drain with oil

If the shower drain that is emitting a foul odor is an unused one, then the odor might be caused by the rising smell from the septic tank. If the drain is not constantly used, the water reserve the blocks out the odor from the septic tank will evaporate, allowing the gas to pass through and spread an unwanted smell. When you are dealing with this kind of problem, simply treat the drain with one cup of oil. Do this about once a month.

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