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How To Get Rid Of Silly Putty From Carpet

Silly putty is a silicone plastic that is a common material for making toys and several other items. They were originally used in order to replace rubber during the World War 2. But after the war has long passed, it is now being commercially produced and used for numerous purposes. Some household items also have silly putty with them. However, even though it is a useful material, there are times when silly putty can cause headache. For example, if your child is playing with a silly putty toy and it ended up sticking to your carpet, then you can have a hard time trying to deal with the stain that it has created. Indeed, silly putty in carpet is one of the toughest stains that you may face.

The good news is that, even though it is quite challenging to get rid of silly putty from carpet, it is not impossible to do so. There are several methods that you can actually do in order to remove this stain from the carpet. Usually, some household items may be used, but in worst cases, you may have to ask a professional to take it out of your carpet. But before you start spending some bucks, you can try some of these tips on how to get rid of silly putty from carpet.

Freeze the silly putty

Silly putty is hard to take off it is in liquid form. So first, you may need to freeze it up for you to be able to take it out easily. Simply place a towel around the area of the carpet where the silly putty has stuck. Then, using some ice cubes, rub the area so that the silly putty will solidify. Keep on freezing it with the ice cubes until it becomes hard.

Remove the silly putty

Once the silly putty has already solidified, you can try to take it out using your hands. Pull the material upwards so your do not damage the carpet fibers. Just keep on repeating this step until you have removed the silly putty. After you have removed most of the silly putty, you can now try to clean up the remaining stain from the carpet.

Use rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can help clean up the remaining silly putty stain in the carpet. Simply dab the area with a cloth with rubbing alcohol. Do this repeatedly until the silly putty stain has been completely removed. After that, use another wet clean cloth and dab the area to remove any silly putty residue. Leave the carpet to dry.

Apply some heat

An alternative way to remove the silly putty from the carpet is to remove it by heat from an iron. First, get several white paper towels. Place a piece over the top of the silly putty stain. Turn the iron to low heat and then press it against the white paper towel. This will melt the silly putty and make it stick to the white paper towel. TO avoid burning the carpet, take short intervals when using a new set of white paper towels. Do this repeatedly until most of the silly putty has gone.

Use a carpet cleaner

After the silly putty has been removed using the iron method, you should clean up the remaining stain. Carpet cleaners can be bought on home depot and are effective in removing dirt and stains on the carpet. Simply follow the instructions on the label to know how to use this product.

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