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How to Get Rid of Smell in the Dishwasher

Sometimes, your dishwasher may begin to emit an unpleasant odor. There are a number of reasons to that. Regularly cleaning of the dishwasher with commercial products may sometimes cannot eliminate the build-up of the odor.

A bad smell can originate in a number of areas inside and around a dishwasher, but it is usually very easy to get rid of the bad smell once the source of the problem is found.

If you are experiencing a bad smell on dishes and inside of your dishwasher, consider the following possible sources and solutions. It is usually very easy to find the source of a bad smell, and it is even easier to get rid of the problem. These sources and solutions will help you get rid of a bad smell and get rid of it for good. If it happens to yours, read on for some tips on how to remove odor from a dishwasher.

Examine hose

A hose comes with dishwasher. Stagnant water may be present if the hose was installed improperly, or if it is lying in a position that does not let it drain. If that is the case, then that would be one of the reasons of having a bad smell.  Examine the hose. If the hose is lying in the bottom of the cabinet, it is probably full of water. A film begins to form inside the hose and the odor begins to grow. Because of that, stagnant water ends up on dishes, and causes a bad smell inside of the dishwasher. Hang the hose at an angle on supports in the back of the cabinet.

Check the Seal

One cause of a bad smell can be a dirty dishwasher. First check the seal before deciding on replacing your dishwasher. Those old food and grime that stayed up in these areas can cause a particularly bad smell. Clean it with a solution of diluted one teaspoon of bleach for each quart of hot soapy water. It is sufficient to kill germs and the odors they create.

Check the Heating Element

Some of the time, something is maybe on the heating element which causes the bad smell. There may be some plastic that fallen into the bottom of the dishwasher and generates a bad odor.

Bleach Bad Food Odors

Strong food odors can become implanted in the plastic components of a dishwasher if dishes are permitted to sit for an extended period of time before washing. Pour two capfuls of bleach in the bottom of the dishwasher before washing another load. Any traces of bleach will be rinsed away along with the bad smell.

Use Hot Water

Water sometimes isn’t hot enough and it cannot cut through the soap let alone do a good job of cutting through grease and grime on dirty dishes. This temperature of the water can be the reason for the bad smell. Turn on the hot water tap closest to the dishwasher, and hold one finger beneath the water stream. If it is still hot enough, it cannot properly clean the dishes. So increase the temperature. If the distance between pipes through the kitchen is quite a long distance, always turn on the hot water tap before turning on the dishwasher so if it reaches the kitchen tap it will be hot enough to properly wash the dishes.

Check the Insulation for Pests

Pests including mice can be the source of a bad smell in and around a dishwasher. They make their nests in the warm insulation and sometimes die inside. And their decaying bodies are those which create a horrific smell, and the only way to get rid of it is to locate the dead pests and replace the section of insulation.

  1. Evelyn Said,

    I’m going to try the bleach. I live in a retirement community that has electric water heaters. The temperature can’t be adjusted. If the bleach doesn’t work, I’m thinking that I may first do a rinse and hold and then wash. My dishwasher has a sani wash which I always use, or I may reverse and do the rinse and hold last. Will repost which way works the best.

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