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How to Get Rid of Smell in the Washing Machine

Your washing machine can get quite dirty and smelly for an appliance that cleans and freshens up your dirty laundry. Dirt and all sorts of odors will make their way and stay into the interior surfaces of your washing machine it will eventually smell like a vile combination of sweaty socks, undergarments, wet towels, and just about every article of clothing you wash in it. A dirty, smelly washing machine is no place for you to do laundry.

There are many other ways to keep your washing machine free from odor-causing grime. The next time you wash clothes, try the following smart washing tips:

Clean your Washing Machine

Moisten an old toothbrush in warm water and plunge it into baking soda. Brush the interior walls with the baking soda to remove any buildup or residual dirt. Eliminate any dispensing trays and wash them with warm, soapy water before placing them back where they belong. Scrub around the seal of the door on front-loading washing machines. This is where dirt and debris become easily trapped. Turn on the washing machine and allow it to run a full cycle with hot water and a cup of chlorine bleach or white vinegar. Open up the door or lid as soon as the cycle has finished and allow the washing machine to air out.

Use detergent

Use detergent made from 100% soluble cleaning agents. Use the recommended amount of soap, and the recommended wash setting, for different articles of clothing with different fabrics because cheaper detergents contain impurities like chalk, lime, talc, and gypsum-based substances that do not dissolve in water, causing scum to form.

Check Water Supply

Impurities can cause odor-causing molecules to form and build a foul-smelling film of scum inside your washing machine so check the water supply to see if it contains hard water.

Stagnant Water

You should not allow excess water to stagnate because stagnant water gets cloudy and stinks up in a matter of days, and is also a breeding ground for many insects. If you’re not worried about the stink in your clothes, you must definitely be worried about the critters that breed and float around the scum-tainted water. Most people understand that standing water in a small closed area over a period of time can give rise to an unpleasant musty odor. The solution, in most cases, is to drain the water and dry the area. Part of the reason for the musty odor is because the washing machine does not properly drain the water during the spin cycle, leaving excess water standing in the bottom of the washing machine tub.


Immerse very dirty fabrics in a bucket of soapy water before popping them in a washing machine. The soaking process gets rid of some of the stinky particles of grime.

Clean hoses

If the smell continues, unplug the washing machine and remove the back panel. Separate the hoses and clean them out with a wet/dry vacuum. Reconnect the hoses and fasten the back panel before plugging the washing machine back in. Run another cycle with hot water and bleach or vinegar to rinse out the hoses. Confirm the manufacturer’s instructions for specifics on eliminating the panel if you need help.

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