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How to Get Rid of Smelly Armpits

One common dilemma an individual faces when it’s about personal care is body odor. But how do we prevent and eliminate this body odor without being irritated by chemical laden deodorant? For those who sweat a lot, underarms odor can be very embarrassing. Even deodorants and perfume applied, these can still make you uncomfortable. In some cases, deodorants are without help to reduce this smell caused by sweaty armpits. Our body was designed to sweat, and to sweat from our armpits for a reason. The skin is the gateway to the interior of the body through absorption and underarms in particular are receptive sites for chemical absorption. So here are some tips on how to get rid of smelly armpits.

Exfoliate your pits

Exfoliate your pits once or twice a week (no more). This will remove any dead skin cells. I use plain sugar & rub this onto moist skin while in the shower or bath. Exfoliating arm pits gets rid of dead skin. Sometimes the pH is off so use a baking soda (without aluminum). Follow with an organic apple cider vinegar rinse. Using alcohol directly in your pits does kill bacteria but the alcohol goes into your bloodstream and it also upsets the natural balance of bacteria. There are good bacteria and bad bacteria.

Take probiotics

Always analyze your diet. Taking probiotics can help with an imbalance. Eating a diet that is mostly alkaline, as opposed to acidic really helps too. That means lots of green leafy vegetables. Drink lots of water.

Work out, have yoga classes and saunas

Proper elimination (bowl movements) is paramount. Stagnant food stinks inside and outside the body. Working out or yoga classes that make you sweat really helps to clean out the body. Saunas are great too.

Rub alcohol on your pits

Rubbing Alcohol kills germs & germs cause odor. Rub alcohol on your pits whenever you notice armpit odor or when you start sweat really badly in the summer.

No to antiperspirant, Yes to Deodorant Crystal

Stop using antiperspirant & only use deodorant because a lot of times antiperspirants can do the opposite of what they’re supposed to do: Your body rebels & you actually sweat MORE! Buy & use (instead of regular antiperspirant) a “Deodorant Crystal” you can find these crystals for your pits at any health food store. The potassium c crystals also come in a roll-on it’s the something only liquid.

Mix bentonite clay and baking soda

If you really sweat a lot & some of the things above don’t work for you, you can mix half bentonite clay (from a health food store) & half baking soda together then mix well & put on your armpits with a powder puff or a shaker jar whenever you start to sweat or right after your shower if you’re wearing a white T-shirt or a light colored top.

Rubbing 1/2 a lime on the offending area and leaving it for 20 minutes is a great exfoliator. Do it day and night for best results

Use these tips to get rid of underarms odor naturally and keep the skin clean.

What worked for you?

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