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How to Get Rid of Spots on Legs

A lot of people are concerned about their skin; they go to great lengths just to maintain their skin to be flawless and free from spots. But we need to remember that our skin is the very first part of the body that gets exposed to different natural forces which can cause it to undergo varying conditions. If you get over exposed from the sun, you can expect to have spots especially on your legs.

Spots on legs are commonly caused by exposure to the sun. Although they are often not dangerous, they do not look really good on the skin. A single spot on the leg may not look that bad but the problem is that over exposure of the skin can lead to the spots multiplying. Aside from exposure to the sun, spots can be caused by aging and pregnancy.

Spots on legs can be a nuisance, especially for people who like to wear shorts and skirts. They want to flaunt what they have and this surely is not a great way to “flaunt” it. Good thing there are several ways to get rid of spots on legs. If you have a lot gathering on your legs, here are some of the things that you can do to remove these spots:

The natural way using citrus

Citrus fruits give us plenty of reasons to consume them. They can be eaten, drank or applied to the skin. That’s right; they can be applied to the skin. Skin care comes in different shapes and forms and one of the more effective fruits that can be used to get rid of spots on legs is by using lemon.

First thing that you need to do is squeeze the juice from the lemon and mix it up with apple cider vinegar. Add sugar until you can make a paste that you can apply on the spots. Wipe off the paste after 10 minutes and apply a sugarless mixture of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Let it stay on there for another 10 minutes before rinsing it completely.

Use bleaching solution

There are several skin products that you can purchase in the market that can help in removing spots on legs. Since spots are characterized by a darker color, you need to apply a bleaching cream to make the color of the spot lighter. Bleaching creams have chemical properties that can make the spots lighter. Clean the skin first by washing it with soap and water. Afterwards, apply the bleaching cream until it is absorbed by the spots.

Massage using Vitamin E oil

Aside from creams, you can also use oils designed to make the spots less visible. There are vitamin E oils that can be purchased in stores. They can be used to massage on the skin same as bleaching creams.

Visit a dermatologist

If you don’t have any idea what is causing the spots on your legs, you may want to consider visiting a dermatologist for a diagnosis. Spots can be caused by several factors but the most common is over exposure to sun. If you have tried bleaching creams and other solutions and they didn’t seem to work, it may be time to pay a visit to your dermatologist. There are chances that the spots can even make the detection of skin cancer difficult if not removed immediately.

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