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How to Get Rid of Sticker Residue

There are plenty of ways to customize our belongings. The materials available to us now are varied and have different designs that it allows us to personalize the things that we own. The easiest way of customizing our belongings is by using stickers. Stickers have adhesives underneath which makes them easy to cling on the surface.

Stickers are really great as they provide various designs and colors to any surface, the only problem is when you get tired of the design and decide to remove the sticker. The adhesive would usually leave off a mark which is known as sticker residue. Sticker residues are not pretty to look at especially if you are going to leave the surface sticker free.

Sticker residue can be bothersome especially if you always see the spot where the sticker used to be. The adhesive that is left on the surface would gather dust and would eventually darken. If you are not careful in removing the adhesive, you will end up damaging the surface making it look even uglier. To properly remove sticker residues, here are some of the things that you can do:

Identify the material the surface is made from

The very first thing that you need to know is what type of material the surface is made from, to be able to remove the sticker without damaging the surface. Once you get rid of the sticker, the next problem that you have would be the adhesive itself. Do not just spray anything on the surface nor scrape it since you can leave marks and scratched to the surface.

Use WD 40 to lubricate the adhesive

WD 40 is a wonderful chemical that just about loosens up any hinges or metal. Little did you know that you can use it to remove sticker residue as well. Just be sure that before you spray this chemical, the surface is safe to this type of substance. Jus spray the chemical to the surface and let it sit for at least 2 to 3 minutes and grab a piece of cloth that you can use to wipe the adhesive away.

Use cooking oil to remove the adhesive

Well the main idea for using different lubricants to remove adhesive is to make it loose. This is why if you don’t have WD 40 or any specialized chemicals that would act as the lubricant; you can actually use cooking oil. Now who doesn’t have that? Cooking oil would act the same as other lubricants. Just apply it to the surface and leave it on there for 2 to 3 minutes before wiping it away with a piece of cloth.

Soften the glue

Adhesives turn really hard as soon as the protective layer is removed. This is what makes them stick in the first place. Before you remove the sticker, consider softening the adhesive first. When you go to a professional, you will see them blow drying the sticker first. Their reason for doing this is to soften the adhesive making the sticker or decal much easier to remove. You can actually let the vehicle sit outside, underneath the sun to heat up the stickers. This would allow the adhesive to soften and would make the stickers easier to remove without leaving any residues that can be hard to remove later. So remember, always heat up before your peel.

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