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How To Get Rid Of Talking In Sleep

Are you a sleep talker? Do you have a bad habit of talking in the middle of the night while you are sleeping? Plain snoring is very irritating, so what more if you are shouting and blabbering while you sleep? This unusual habit of talking while sleeping is actually a sleep disorder. It can also be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Whatever the reason behind sleep talking is, you should treat it as soon as possible.

If you are a sleep talker, you might be having physical or psychological problems like stress and parasomnia. The good thing is that this disorder is curable. In fact, there are many cures for sleep talking. You can simply make changes in your lifestyle or you can seek the help of health professionals. If you want to get rid of talking in sleep, here are some tips that may be useful for you.

Sleep well

Sleep talking might be caused by unhealthy sleeping routines. The doctor advises that you should get around 8 hours of sleep. However, this may vary depending on how your body works so you can sleep for 6 hours or even 10 hours but just make sure that you are getting a sound sleep time.

Make your bedroom more relaxing

There are certain things that you can do to make your bedroom more relaxing. And if you make your room more inviting, you will have a much comfortable sleep and rest. You can start with getting the right mattress and pillows for you. You can also drape the curtains so that the light will not disturb you. Lighting aromatic candles that induce sleep can make your eyes droop more naturally as well.

Reduce the amount of stress

If you are under too much stress, you can become a sleep talker. Even if you have a big pile of papers to process or a lot of errands to do, you should take a breather every now and then and try to relax. Remember to inhale and exhale and not just go along with the fast-paced life today. It is not bad to treat yourself to a relaxing time after a long day at work.


Exercise can help regulate the functions of your body. If you are having physical problems, you are more prone to talking in your sleep. So every day, remember to do exercises. Even a short walk or stretching can help. If you have one of those high-tech gadgets like iPhone or Android mobile phones, you can get virtual training programs and install it on your phone to help you monitor your exercise every day.

Eat the right foods

Unbalanced diet can take its toll on your physiological functions. If you want to stay healthy and fit, and to avoid talking in your sleep as well, you should always eat the right foods. Follow the food pyramid, and remember to eat less during dinner time. As much as possible, do not sleep right away if your stomach is still full.

You should also avoid consuming food and drinks high in caffeine as this can make you get sleep disorders like insomnia, parasomnia and sleep talking.

Go for a checkup with your doctor

If the methods above fail and you still remain talking when you sleep, you might need the help of a doctor. Schedule a checkup and have yourself evaluated by a health professional.

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