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How To Get Rid Of Tan Lines

Have you recently gone out on a trip to the beach? Going out to beach and resorts is fun. There is nothing like that feeling when you catch the waves. However, although beach vacation can mean a fun, fun time with your family and friends, there are some problems that you might encounter after basking under the sun. Aside from the irritating sun burn, tan lines are one of the leading skin setbacks that you can encounter.

Some people intentionally try to acquire tan lines because they think it is sexy. But, the truth is that it is not really attractive to the eyes. Most people, especially guys, get turned off by this uneven skin tone. So if you had just came home from a lovely trip to the beach and you are not battling with tan lines, do not worry as there are some things that you can do even out your skin color. Here are some tips for you about how to get rid of tan lines.

Exfoliate your skin

When you exfoliate, you remove all the dead skin cells in your skin. Although exfoliation will not instantly remove tan lines, it will help even out your skin more quickly. What you need to do is to get exfoliating scrub from the market. Choose the one that is most fit for your skin. Every once or twice a week, you should deeply exfoliate your skin using this exfoliating scrub with the use of sponge or loofah.

If you want to nourish your skin even more, instead of using commercial exfoliating scrubs, you can also do your own all-natural scrub. You can simply squish some fruits for the skin like avocado, papaya and even apple, and then apply it to your skin.


Whenever you exfoliate your skin, you should always remember to moisturize it afterwards. Exfoliation and moisturization works hand in hand. Remember that exfoliation is a deep skin cleansing method and it might take away your skin’s natural oils. So to keep your skin hydrated even after you have exfoliated your skin, always use a moisturizer. You can get moisturizing products for the skin at almost any health and beauty shop or even at local grocery stores.

Go for tanning lotions

Tan lines are basically those spots on your skin which are left untanned. So to even out your skin, one of the most effective things you can do is to go for an extra tanning for the untanned areas. You can easily grab a skin tanning lotion or bronzing lotion. Although tanning lotion might seem very easy to apply, you should be very careful in applying it to your skin. Tanning lotion creates powerful effect so you have to apply it evenly on the untanned areas to match your tanned skin tone. If you are not sure on how to apply it, you can ask a friend to help you out.

Use a tanning bed

Aside from skin tanning lotion, you can head out to the salon and expose your skin to ultraviolet rays using a tanning bed at a skin salon. Use sun block before grilling yourself in the tanning lotion to avoid skin irritation such as skin burn. Please note that using a tanning bed is not healthy as you expose yourself in harmful rays. Be sure to ask for assistance when using a tanning bed.

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