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How To Get Rid Of Tartar On Dog’s Teeth

Having a pet dog is like having a real friend. After all, dog is man’s best friend. Nothing beats that fun time when you take your dog into the park and have a little bonding time with it. If you are an animal and pet lover, you might also enjoy getting licked and gently tackled by your dog until you smell its bad breath and see its yellow teeth. Like humans, pet dogs also need to have their teeth brushed regularly.

To avoid tartar build up, your dog should receive proper and regular dental care. Like you, your pet dogs are also prone to get oral problems. In fact, they can sometimes be more susceptible than you when it comes to oral plaque. Dogs will eat almost anything and just imagine how many kinds of bacteria might be stuck on your dog’s teeth. So if your dog has a lot of tartar on its teeth, here are some things you can do to get rid of tartar on dog’s teeth.

Prepare your equipments

If your dog’s teeth are as yellow as they can be because of tartar build up, plain brushing might not be enough. If it has been ages since your dog’s teeth have been cleaned, you need to use dental scaling tools to get rid of tartar on your dog’s teeth. You can purchase dental scaling tools from pet shops and if you plan to keep pet dogs, you should invest on these equipments. But if you do not have the budget for it, you can just rent or borrow a dental scaling tool.

Prepare your dog

Cleaning your dog’s teeth can be very challenging especially if your dog is not trained. You might need to ask for assistance from other people to keep them still. But if your dog can understand simple commands, you can just ask him to sit or lie down. If you cannot make him sit or lie down, give him a treat or two to convince him to stay still.

Use the dental scaling tool

Dental scaling tool should be handled properly to avoid injuring your dog. First, raise your dog’s head and lift up his lip. Then, use the dental scaling tool to scrape the tartar from your dog’s teeth. You should use the tool starting near the gum line and scraping the tartar downwards. This way, you do not risk making your dog’s gums bleed and hurting it. Just keep on scraping your dog’s teeth until the tartar goes away.

Set your dog free

It is actually normal if your dog protests after you have cleaned just one of his teeth. If this happens, just set your dog free and do not force him to stay anymore because it will most likely not submit for a long scraping session. You can just continue cleaning his teeth after an hour or two or the following days. Removing tartar on your dog’s teeth require long patience.

Give your dog a treat

Every time you finished scraping off tartar from your dog’s teeth, do not forget to give it a treat. This will encourage your dog to be nice during dental scaling time.

Take your dog to the pet shop

If you cannot handle your dog, you can just take it to the pet shop to have it cleaned and groomed. You can just pay for the pet shop services and pick your dog up once it has been cleaned.

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