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How To Get Rid Of Tattoo Rashes

Do you want to get rid of tattoo rashes but do not know how to? First of all, tattoo rashes are just a common skin condition that occurs if you just got your skin tattooed. Rashes can occur because of allergic reaction to the ink used. You might have also gotten it because of unsterile equipments that your tattoo artist has used. Another reason for tattoo rashes is incompatible ointment that you use on your skin or wrong application of the product.

Tattoo rashes should just be temporary. It will usually go away after a few days or weeks. It is also a part of the healing process so it is natural to feel itchiness and slight inflammation. But if your tattoo rash does not seem to minor at all and it already involves serious infection, then you need to give more attention to your rashes. If you want to know how to get rid of tattoo rashes, here are simple methods that may be helpful to you.

Know and do the right after care

When you decide to get a tattoo, you do not just go to the tattoo artist and ask him to create ink designs to your skin. Tattoo means modifying your body so you should be careful when you are planning to get a tattoo. Moreover, getting a tattoo requires a thorough after care. Remember that tattoo is somewhat like a puncture wound and it needs to be treated properly. So if you want to avoid infections like bumps and rashes on your tattoo, it is necessary to know the after care.

You can just visit your tattoo artist to know more about the right ways of taking care of your tattoo.

Clean your tattoo area

During the first couple of weeks after you have gotten a tattoo, it is advisable that you clean your tattoo at about five times a day. When cleaning your tattoo, you should gently wash the area with water and use a mild antibacterial soap to clean it. Then wash the soap away and pat the area dry. Be sure to use mild and antibacterial soap that is not scented to avoid any adverse reaction.

Choose the right ointment or lotion

Choosing the right ointment or lotion for your tattoo can be a bit difficult. This is because the products that some says work for their tattoo may create unwanted safe effects to other people. What you can do is do a test first before you continue applying a certain ointment or lotion. If after a day or two of application, you developed tattoo rashes, then discontinue the use of the product and get a new one.

If you are not sure which ointment or lotion to choose, ask for your tattoo artist’s opinion. Most people recommend Currell Lotion and Neosporin. Also, remember to choose products that are unscented.

Follow the right application

When you are applying the ointment or lotion for your new tattoo, do not rub it all over your tattoo area. Instead, you should just lightly dab the ointment or lotion around the tattoo area and not on the tattoo itself.

Consult with a doctor

During the first month upon getting your tattoo, it is normal to come across different skin irritations and infections. But if your tattoo seems to be seriously infected, consult a doctor and seek professional help.

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