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How To Get Rid Of Teeth Stains From Braces

Braces are one of the most common devices that a dentist uses to treat complaints about a person’s teeth. If you are under or overbite or you have large spaced or overlapping teeth growth, braces are used to correct it. Usually, it takes years before braces can be removed. And after that long wait, you only want this metal gone so that you can smile again freely. But what if, upon removal of the braces, you discover that your teeth are multicolored in the sense that, the teeth that have been covered with braces are whiter than the other exposed parts of your teeth?

Teeth stains from braces are actually very common. If you wear braces, it is quite hard to clean your teeth and the braces itself. SO if you fail to thoroughly clean your teeth before when you were wearing braces, these teeth stains might surface once those wires have been removed. But do not fret just yet. You can still get back that beautiful smile that you are longing for. Here are some things that might help you in getting rid of teeth stains.

Brush your teeth thoroughly

For a few weeks after the removal of your braces, you should wash your teeth more thoroughly than before. This will help in removing the stains that have developed. Always brush your teeth every after meal in the morning, lunch time and dinner. Actually, you should also brush your teeth if you eat snacks in between. And when cleaning your teeth, opt to use whitening toothpaste to bring back your teeth’s real color faster.

Rub some baking soda

Baking soda is known to be a tough stain remover. You can use baking soda for stain on clothes and other fabrics, stain on furniture and walls and even stain on your teeth. You can just create a paste out of water and baking soda. You can also use peroxide and baking soda paste for a more effective solution. Then, once you have created the paste, apply it on your teeth using your fingertips. Now, this is the hard part. You must let the paste stay on your teeth for about 15 minutes, meaning you cannot ingest anything nor can you talk. Just remember to be patient and after the time has passed, you can clean up your mouth with toothbrush and clean water. This will work best if you do it every day.

Use clove oil

Clove oil is known to have many dental benefits. It is also a great remover of stains. You can just get clove oil and apply it directly to your teeth and let it sit for a while. Then, brush your teeth with some more clove oil, or clove oil and toothpaste solution. Rinse your mouth to remove excess toothpaste and clove oil. Do this every time you wash your teeth so that the effect will be seen as quickly as possible.

Consume strawberries

This is a nice way to remove your teeth stains from braces. Of course, strawberries are yummy so you do not need to endure foul taste on your mouth. You can just get a piece of strawberry and cut it in half. Use these parts to rub and remove the stains on your teeth. Then gargle with mouthwash or water.

You can also smash some strawberries and use it as your toothpaste. This will not only be a sweet treat but a remedy for teeth stains from braces.

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