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How To Get Rid Of Telemarketers

Advertising is one of the things that make a firm alive. It is essential for different companies and establishments to promote their product and services in order to create a bigger name for their firm. Although seeing posters and print ads on the street or commercials on the television is tolerable, there is one advertisement medium that the majority do not find very convenient. These are the telemarketing phone calls. Telemarketing phone calls are those random calls that do not really contribute much but just disruption to whatever you are doing. If you are a person who does not really care much about business, telemarketing calls are just a great annoyance.

While telemarketing calls are made in order to inform you about the latest happenings in the economy, or offer you some things that you might like, it is frowned upon by many people. Well of course, why won’t you be annoyed when you are monitoring your phone because an important call will be coming and then suddenly, when you answered it, it is someone from a telemarketing company? Although firms spend money and big effort to reach people across the nation to give some advertisement through the phone, most people still prefer not to receive this unwanted calls. If you are one of those who do not like these phone calls, here are some things you can do to get rid of telemarketers.

Contact the government

Most of these telemarketers have gotten your number from the government. So if you do not want telemarketers calling your phone, you should contact your state government and ask them to remove you from the telemarketers list.

Visit is a website wherein you can register your phone number, in order that you will not receive any calls from telemarketers. Simply follow the steps on how to register. Once your request has been processed, your phone number will be included in the “Do Not Call” list.

Switch to an unlisted phone number

Most telemarketers use the phonebook to browse through the different telephone numbers to call. Of course, if your number is not on the list, they will not be able to call you. The government also regulates telemarketer calls so those firms have no right to call unlisted phone numbers.

Get a phone accessory for telemarketing calls

This is probably one of the best moves that you can do. There are some phone accessories that you can attach to your phone that can filter telemarketing calls. You can get these at phone and gadget stores. Whenever a telemarketer calls, the phone will automatically reject the phone call. It can even be programmed to say that you are not interested and that you do want to be removed from their telemarketing list.

Say no nicely

Although there are programmed telemarketers, most of the telemarketing calls are actually done by real people. Although some out there might have tried doing pranks on the telemarketer because of utter annoyance, you should remember not to be too harsh. That telemarketer who is calling you is just doing his job. What if your mother is a telemarketer? Wouldn’t it hurt if this guy says bad words to her when she is just doing her job? So if you really want to get rid of telemarketers act nice and simply say no.

  1. Luz L. Dresser Said,

    oh i get a lot of calls like that. one company calls, i asked them to remove me from their calling list, they stop calling and then there’s a new set of telemarketers calling! it’s never ending, really.

    well, if they’re not gonna stop, then i won’t stress myself getting irritated every time the phone rings. why not pull up a prank! if they’re messing with us, then why can’t we do the same to them? 🙂

    try these tips and i tell you, they’re very effective. they’d realize you’re no potential customer and they’d remove you from their calling list on their onw free will… hahaha!

  2. John Dewey Said,

    As much as I appreciate your suggestions, none of them work. The Do Not Call Registry is useless. I have asked some to stop calling and they hang up. One particular caller, “Attention power company customers” calls at least once a day. If you let it go to voice mail, they leave a very disgusting and loud noise, obviously in retaliation for you not answering the phone.
    I would LOVE to be able to take legal action against this company becuase the government won’t.

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