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How To Get Rid Of Tense Shoulders

Body pain is very common. Whatever activity you engage in, you are at risk of encountering pain and injuries. In fact, even when you are just sleeping, you can wake up being in pain. One of the most common spots that are targeted by pain is the shoulders. Tense shoulders are very uncomfortable to deal with. Since the arms and hands, which are connected to the shoulders, are both needed in order to accomplish daily task, you cannot risk ignoring the pain that you feel on your shoulders because it may reduce your productivity. If you are experiencing tense shoulders, you should treat it as soon as possible.

Treating tense shoulders is actually pretty easy. By just doing some simple home treatments, you can escape the pain that is brought about by tense shoulders. For serious, excruciating pain, there is also the doctor to help you. But before you spend some cash on some professional treatments, you can start with these safe and simple remedies to get rid of tense shoulders.

Change your posture

Proper posture plays a great role in a person’s overall health. If you often feel tense shoulders but the doctor have not found any serious injury associated with it, then it may have something to do with your posture. So if you want to get rid of tense shoulders for good, start to practice proper posture when sitting, standing, walking and proper positions when sleeping.

Do some shoulder rotations and stretching

If your shoulders are under pressure, you can do some slow and gentle shoulder rotation to help alleviate the pain that you feel. Light stretching can also calm down your muscles and improve the blood circulation, resulting to less tension in your shoulders.

Apply ice pack

For every pain complaint, an ice pack can do the job. Simply get an ice pack or a towel dipped in ice water, and then press it against your shoulders. Let the cold compress sit there for minutes and then replace the ice ones it melts. DO this as frequently as desired until the pain goes away completely.

Rub ointments and creams

There are ointments and creams that work great in removing pain from the muscles. There are many analgesic ointment and efficasent oil products in the market. Just get one from the pharmacy and rub it all over your shoulder. It is very effective in shielding that painful feeling. Although these products usually give temporary effects, it can provide relief long enough until the pain subsides.

Get proper rest

If you keep on straining your shoulders, you will sure have a hard time coping with the tension that you are feeling. So if your shoulders are inflamed, then just rest it and avoid doing excessively strenuous task. Let the pain subside first and then work again, with caution, so that the tense shoulders will not come back anymore.

Also, remember to rest in a proper position. Many people complain about tense shoulders when they wake up. This is because they might be putting stress on their shoulders when they are sleeping.

Go to the doctor

If you have already tried several home remedies and yet the pain in your shoulders did not go away even after a couple of days, then you might already have a major shoulder injury. For this case, it is best to consult the doctor.

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