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How To Get Rid Of Tent Caterpillars

There are many kinds of caterpillars including the many common species of tent caterpillars. There are actually over twenty five species of tent caterpillars that are widespread throughout the world. But the most common of them all are found in America. These are the forest tent caterpillars, eastern tent caterpillars and gypsy moths. These types of caterpillars usually live on trees and plants, and they have a habit of destroying and defoliating these trees that are why, they are considered pests by many people. If you have towering deciduous trees planted on your home and you see these icky caterpillars camping on your trees branches, then you should try to solve this infestation before you face a severe outbreak of tent caterpillars that may continue to kill your precious trees.

Tent caterpillars are quite tricky to get rid of. First of all, if they are residing in the topmost branches of your big deciduous tree, then it will be hard to reach them. Plus, if there is already an outbreak of tent caterpillars, it will be challenging for you to find what areas of the trees are affected. But no matter how challenging it may be, you cannot just watch these tent caterpillars defoliate your trees. Here are some tips that you can make use of when you try to get rid of tent caterpillars.

Check where the tent caterpillars are

During early morning, go out to your lawn and check the tree that has been infested by tent caterpillars. Try to locate the tent nests of these pests. If you are also doing the removal during spring, you can try to check for some eggs as well. Once you have located their lair, you can now start by removing the tent nest.

Remove the tent nest

Without the tent nest, the number of caterpillars will reduce. With your gloves and other protective gears on, try to scoop up the tent nest and place it in a bucket of warm, soapy water. This will kill any caterpillar, larva or egg that is on the tent nest.

Set up traps

The most common traps for tent caterpillars are sticky tape wraps. You can get these in almost any home improvement shop. Simply install the sticky tape wraps around the base of the tree. When the tent caterpillars go down or up, and they crossed the trap, they will be caught for good. However, when you set up traps, be sure to check it every few hours or so, so that you can remove the tent caterpillars that have been caught. Also, remove and replace the sticky tape wraps regularly.

Attract birds

Birds love to eat tent caterpillars. If you attract these birds and they saw those caterpillars on your trees, they will start to feast on it. A good way to attract birds is to place a birdhouse near the tree. Every day, try to give them some feeds until they are lured to the tree. You can then stop giving them the feeds so they can proceed to the caterpillars.

Use BT treatment

The Bacillus Thuringensis is a microbial bacteria that is extracted from the soil and plants. These do not pose harm to people, plants and animals but they have adverse effect with certain species of pests like the tent caterpillars. You can get the BT insecticides in home improvement stores. Simply follow the directions on how to use the insecticide.

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