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How To Get Rid Of Thick Toenails

Do you always have a hard time clipping your toenails? Do you constantly blame it to your toenail clipper but even though you have bought a new one, your toenails just seem very thick and hard to fix? It is quite natural for toenails to thicken up and become harder overtime. However, if your toenails are also turning yellow, it is most likely that you are affected with toenail fungus. If this is the case, you have to treat your toenails first for any infection.

Making your toenails thinner is actually quite easy. A few minutes of treatment once a week is usually enough to make it look fresh and clean again. If you want to get rid of thick toenails, here are some tips that you should consider.

Always keep your feet clean

The number one cause for thick toenails is fungi. Of course, if you want to have a set of beautiful toenails again, then you have to keep your feet clean in order to ward of those toenail fungi that has settled on your feet. Always wash your feet before you go out or after you have gotten home. Use antibacterial soap when cleaning your toe. Also, you can consider using antibacterial foot powder or sanitary foot socks.

Moisturize your toenails

Moisturizing your toenails will help soften them up. And once your toenails have become less chunky, they will be easier to handle. Every night, before you go to bed, you can simply apply a bit of moisturizer or lotion to your toenails. Avoid applying too much as bacteria love to stick on moist surfaces.

Consider foot spa every now and then

Having a foot spa does not mean that you really have to go to the day spa and pay for a luxurious treatment. You can just simply get a container where your feet can comfortably fit. Fill it with warm water and soak your feet to it. Let your feet soak on the warm water for about 15-20 minutes. This will not just do your toenails well, but it will also be a relaxing treatment for your whole feet overall. You can do this treatment about once a week. You can also add some other components on your soak like Epsom salt or other foot products.

Stroke with nail file

Aside from just letting your toenails soften up by soaking, you can also follow the treatment above with some nail file treatment. After you have soaked your feet in the water and your toenails have become easier to manage, simply get a nail file and try to scrub your toenails with it. This will make the outer layer of your toenails a bit thinner.

Take a bath before clipping your toenails

If you want to make clipping your toenails easier, then you should consider taking a bath before clipping your toenails. When your feet has been soaked long enough with water, it will become supple and more manageable.

Go for a pedicure treatment

If you want an instant remedy to your thick toenails, then you can always go to a salon and have a pedicure treatment. Of course, this will cost you some bucks but you can get better results when you get a feet and toenails treatment. So if you want a relaxing way to spend your weekend and to get rid of thick toenails, you can visit your local salon.

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