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How To Get Rid Of Third Degree Burns

Playing with fire is never a good idea. As hot as the fire itself, you can find yourself with a whole lot if injuries if you misuse fire. Fires are meant to be hot in order to be used for cooking, lighting, or heating certain things. It is never meant to make contact with your skin and devastating results are sure to occur when they do. Although you may do everything to prevent yourself from getting burnt, accidents can happen that could lead to the very thing you are trying to avoid. Some of these accidents like house fires while sleeping are unavoidable at times.

Third-degree burns are common to people who are frequently exposed to fire and somehow get ignited. They hurt, leave unwanted marks, or even worse, can even disfigure a person. Even so, playing with fire isn’t the only way to get third degree burns. Exposure to very hot objects or elements is a sure way to produce burns. For example, imagine getting splattered with boiling or scalding water. Now imagine the same with steam. Third degree burns occur when the skin is directly wounded by hot objects, elements, or fire itself. Even household materials has potential to cause burns like frying pans (imagine skin contact with it after someone just made eggs), or if you stand too close to the heater and were shoved accidently, making contact to it. These are all terrible instances and will result into third degree burns into more ways than one. So if you accidentally encounter that very unwanted thing, here are some things that you can do to get rid of third degree burns.

Do not fight fire with ice

Even if logic dictates that you fight burns with the opposite element that caused it, it isn’t a good idea and could lead into something you’ll deeply regret. Putting ice over a burn is a big no-no. Instead, apply cold running water as soon as you can. If you find the burn very severe, hold the water and call the hospital for assistance. Cold water may cause shock if applied suddenly. Try to ease pain until medical help arrives.

Apply cold compress and get some medicine

After you have felt relief from the running water, now, you can apply a cold but never an icy compress on the wound to minimize pain and take pain relief medications. This should keep the swelling to a minimum. If the cold compress and medication fail to control the pain, consult your local doctor for anesthetic treatment.

Apply antibiotic

When the pain settles, use a topical antibiotic. Prevent much air contact by dressing the wound by wrapping it with non-stick gauze bandages. Make sure you do it loosely to avoid further pain. Change the wound dressing daily and wash it with soap to prevent infection. Re-apply the topical antibiotic, and then re-wrap using a new set of sterile gauze bandages.

Use food for blisters

Third degree burns will often produce blisters. In under any circumstances, never tamper with the blisters. Leave them alone. Instead, focus on making your body strong enough to fight them. Eat lots of protein to promote tissue regeneration.

Protect your skin

The sun is your enemy for a while. Burns can take years before healing, especially third degree burns. For at least a year, keep the burn hidden from the sun’s radiation. Use sun block for protection. Avoid injury in the same area.

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