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How To Get Rid of Tint From Car Windows

Taking care of a car is quite daunting. From car washing to regular engine maintenance, it is hard work through and through. Nevertheless, it must be done in order to preserve the condition of your car. If you want your car treated right, it’s never wrong to do it yourself. Not only do you get to control everything about it, but you can never complain of any additional modifications and those slight tweaks that could cost you your whole wallet. Of course, this is under the assumption that you know what you are doing. You can customize and manage your car he way you want, whenever you want and you could even turn it into a hobby, if not already. But like many other things, there is some stuff you need to do periodically like oil change and engine maintenance which are best left with the experts. But one particular thing that you can do by yourself is to get rid of tint from car windows.

One time, you may notice that the window tint has faded because of many things, especially the UV rays of the sun. It can cause your window tints to begin chipping and cracking to the point where it becomes uneven and ugly. At times, it may even cause the whole thing to bubble. When you have a professional apply them, the tint is done usually in layers, one on top of the other. This can be good to ensure that the tint stays firm overtime. But this can be bad when it comes to removing them and can cause several problems in the process. Not to mention, if you don’t remove them right, you risk stripping away only one layer and leave the other stubbornly in place. But do not worry, this article will show you how to get rid of tint form car windows properly.

Spray with water

It is best to try and remove these on a hot sunny day outside the garage with a lot of fresh air. Use a garden hose and start spraying your tinted window. Be careful not to put too much pressure. Just spray as you would any exterior of your car. Then grab a few plastic garbage bags and tape them over the wet windows. This will loosen up the tint by causing humidity between the bags and the exterior glass making the tint easier to remove.

Get some ammonia

Take your ammonia and find a spray bottle for you to pour it in. Now place the bags over the rear deck and padding below the side window. Your purpose is to protect the car from accidental spills. Wear your breathing mask and let open all the car doors. Then, start spraying ammonia inside the car and allow it to set in for a while. While you wait, prepare another set of garbage bag.

After waiting for a couple of minutes take the garbage bag and tape it over the wet ammonia and window tint. Now, get on your car and park it in direct sunlight with the windows rolled up and doors closed. Let a couple of hours pass and until the tint is ready to be removed.

Peel it off

Get a razor blade and lift the corner of the tint and slowly peel it off the glass maintaining it in one piece. Spray another round of ammonia and wipe down any remaining tint and stickiness from the glass. Finally, use a glass cleaner to apply the finishing touch and wipe your car windows clean.

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