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How To Get Rid Of Tire Marks On Concrete

Relying on public transportation isn’t as convenient as having your own car. But like many things you own, a car can also prove to be a responsibility. Mileages and smog checks are common among car maintenance. Also, not only will you have to take care of the car itself, but also, you have to look after the garage or your parkway. As people become more and more civilized, concrete parkways and garage replace rough roads and dirt surfaces. However, this can be setback if you do happen to own a car. Not only does it require frequent sweeping, but you can find yourself with oil spills and sometimes gas leaks. But the biggest problem of them all is tire marks on concrete.

Whenever you come into or pull out your garage in a rush, you have a chance to leave skids or tire marks on your concrete floor. This can’t be avoided at times of rush hour, but nevertheless it will be there and you need to get rid of it somehow. Tire marks are certainly not pleasing to the eye. Having those skids make your home quite unclean and thus, a neat freak would flip their lid if they saw their own tire marks when they unexpectedly rushed out of the garage. Surprisingly, tire marks isn’t all that hard to remove. It’s actually quite easy provided you know what you are doing and what you will use. This article will show you how to get rid of tire marks on concrete.

Sweep it with a broom

Take a hard broom and run it across the concrete where the tire marks are present. Push down slightly, as if the broom was an abrasive tool for removing dirt. The hard bristles of the broom should pull out some of the tire marks off the concrete and helps rid of any excess dirt, rubber or cement.

Apply multipurpose cleaner

Use a multipurpose cleaner and cover the tire marks with it. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes to give the solution some time to work. Make sure it isn’t stepped on or trampled by innocent bystanders. Any cleaner would do fine so long as it’s made to work on any surface and many different stains. You can also get multipurpose cleaner designed for tire marks from automobile shops or hardware stores.

Apply degreaser

Coat the concrete with a degreaser to cut through the tire marks. Degreasers do well cutting through grease stains such as tire marks. This makes them effective in removing tire marks off the concrete. Some degreasers feature acids. Use these to help cut through the tire marks faster and more effectively.

Wash with pressure washer or a garden house

When removing the degreaser, use a pressure washer. It will force the water out that can remove all traces of the degreaser you applied along with the tire marks. Hold the washer wand to make it spray around 1-2 inches wide. If you cannot find pressure washer, then your garden hose will do.

Apply concrete sealer

Use a concrete sealer to seal the surface of the cement you removed the marks from once the area is completely dry. It will protect the surface against future damage and when another mark comes along the same spot, it can be cleaned more easily with just water and soap.

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