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How To Get Rid Of Veins In Hands

Do you have bulging large veins on your hands? Do you want to get rid of it because it makes your hands look ugly? Bulging veins on hands, particularly on the back of the hands, are quite common, especially to people who are already starting to cross the old age. As a person becomes older, the skin becomes less elastic and it loses some fat. The thinning of the skin makes the veins on hands become more visible. While they are just natural, most people just do not like this unwanted budge on their beautiful hands.

No one wants to have large, big veins that get embossed on the skin. It is very unattractive, plus it can also make your hands look worn out. For females, beautiful hands are always an asset, so if you have those veins on the back of your hand, it may turn off your date. So if you want to get rid of veins in your hands, here are some tips that you may find useful.

Go to a specialist

Removing veins on hands is actually not easy to get rid of. Home remedies are not enough to bring back those soft, smooth hands of yours. So if you really want to end the nightmare of having big veins on your hands, you should go to a specialist. Set up an appointment with the doctor so you can discuss with him the different treatments that you can do.

Hand vein sclerotherapy

The hand vein sclerotherapy is the most common procedure to get rid of veins on hand. It is easy to administer, it is the most economical, plus it does not involve a very thorough surgical treatment. Sclerotherapy is done by simply injecting some chemicals that include sclerosing agents into the body. When this sclerosing agent starts to work, it will make the veins on the skin collapse. Do not worry though, because the collapsed veins will be absorbed back by the body. The cons of this treatment are that it may require some sessions before it can fully work. Moreover, you will face some pain during the process.

Laser ablation

Laser ablation therapy is another treatment that you can consider if you want to get rid of veins on your hand. In this treatment, a laser fixed to a wire is used to probe the vein. The laser will then heat up the veins, causing it to die. Unlike sclerotherapy, once laser ablation treatment is enough to remove the veins in your hands. Even so, laser ablation may be more costly than sclerotherapy. Swelling and pain may also occur after the treatment.

Plastic surgery

While sclerotherapy and laser ablation are usually effective in removing veins on hand, there are times when there are blood vessels that did not collapse and the veins still remain. That is why; some people just consider plastic surgery to get rid of the veins in their hands. When you opt for plastic surgery, the veins on your hands are completely removed. However, it is more risky than other treatments. This is because there is a bigger chance that even the nerves on your hands will be affected. Nevertheless, it is the most effective out of them all if the surgery has been completed successfully. Numbing feeling, swelling and pain may be felt for the next few weeks after the surgery has been done.

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