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How To Get Rid of Virginia Creepers

A Virginia creeper is a vine-type of plant that is usually grown in order to become a decoration in a garden. It creeps up a fence, wall, and trees and becomes as a colorful ornament that comes in green and red shades. Some people just love to grow Virginia creepers to make their home closer to nature and more alive. However, there are times when Virginia creepers wildly spread and overtake the whole yard. This is when the vines come quite annoying. And if you do not do anything about their rapid growth, they will just continue to spread.

Like many other vines, it only takes a couple of weeks to a few months for Virginia creepers to completely take over a lawn. While they make good decoration in some areas of the yard, they can make other places look messy and unpleasant to the eyes. So if you have planted Virginia creepers and they end up filling your whole lot, here are some things you can dry to do to get rid of Virginia creepers.

Cut them

Before you can treat the roots of Virginia creepers, you must first eliminate most of the vines. If they have attached themselves on trees, walls and fences, start by cutting the Virginia creepers and removing them. Simply get a pair of gardening scissors and remove most of the vines. Place the cut vines inside a garbage bag. Keep on cutting until your yard has almost been cleaned up. Leave only a couple of inches of the vine stem from the roots.

Dig the roots

Once you have cut most of the Virginia creepers, you can now dig the remaining roots. Keep your gloves in place first and get a spade.  Try to loosen up the soil around the roots. Dig a few inches deep until your reach the root system of the vines. Then pull out the remaining parts of the Virginia creepers. Place the remains inside the garbage bag again. Wait for the garbage truck to pick it up instead of composting the vines.

Solarize them

Aside from digging the vines, you can use solarization method. Just cut the vines to ground level and then cover the patches with a couple of layers of newspaper or plastics. It might take a couple of weeks for this method to work so it is not recommended if you want to get rid of the vines quickly. Just keep the vines covered and check them after about a month. The vines might already be dead by then.

Use herbicide

If there are too many Virginia creepers to remove manually, then you can opt to use herbicides. There are many types of herbicides that you can use in removing these vines. One of the effective ones you can choose is glyphosate herbicide. You can get the herbicide that comes in spray bottle and simply spray the chemical directly on the Virginia creepers.

Pay for a gardener’s service

Once Virginia creepers have spread, it is actually very challenging to remove them all. So if you were unsuccessful in removing the Virginia creepers by yourself, then you can call a gardener and ask for his service. Of course, you will have to pay the gardener and you might spend more cash than treating the vines by yourself. Nevertheless, a gardener would know what is best when removing those unwanted Virginia creepers.

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