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How To Get Rid Of Walnut Stains

Walnuts can turn your favorite baked goods into an even more delightful treat. They have this distinct texture and flavor that can improve your food’s flavor. Walnuts also contain lots of nutrients. In fact, among other nuts, walnuts are said to have the highest level of antioxidants. All these healthy and delicious benefits of walnuts will surely give you more reasons why you should use them.

However, walnuts also have their disadvantage. While eating walnuts may bring you delight, shelling and cooking it can be very bothersome. Aside from the difficult time that shelling and cooking walnuts can bring, the extract of walnuts can also leave unwanted stains. The walnut oil has the ability to leave dark marks on your favorite cloth. It can even stain your skin as well! So if you have recently handled walnuts and got stained by its extract, here are some tips that can help you get rid of walnut stains.

Rinse with warm water

If the walnut stain has not stayed for long, you can just rinse your hands with warm water. This will almost instantly wash away the walnut stain on your hands. If your cloth is the victim of the walnut stain, simply soak your cloth in a basin filled with hot water and let the water temperature make the walnut stain rise as well.

Wash with liquid dishwashing detergent

Liquid dishwashing detergent has more powerful contents than the usual laundry detergent when it comes to treating walnut stains. Simply rub some liquid dishwashing detergent over the stained area. Let it sit for a few minutes until it has worked its magic. Then, wash the clothes with clean water.

Use lemon extract

The high acidic levels of lemon extract can easily make walnut stains dissipate. So if your hands have been stained by walnuts, simply get a lemon and cut it in half. Squeeze the lemon juice directly to your hands and rub them together. Let the lemon juice stay on your skin for a couple of minutes until the dark walnut stains have gone away. Then, wash your hands with hand soap and clean water. This will not just remove the walnut stain on your hands, but it will also leave your skin soft and fresh.

Lemon extract can work with clothes as well, but if you are treating multi-colored clothing, do not use lemon extract to lift up the stains from the cloth.

Use vinegar

Unless you trying to remove walnut stains in white cloth, using lemon extract is a no-no. Instead, substitute the use of vinegar. Vinegar, like lemon, has a strong acidic content. Vinegar is actually even more powerful than lemon. To treat your cloth that has been stained with walnuts, simply fill a basin with water and add about 1/2-1 cup vinegar on it, depending on how much water you are using. Then, soak the stained cloth in the water and let it sit there for about an hour. When the walnut stains are not too visible anymore, wash your cloth using liquid detergent and cold water.

Walnut stain prevention

If you do not want to deal with stubborn dark walnut stains, you should try to avoid getting walnut stains. When you are shelling walnuts, be sure to wear gloves and use apron as well. This will protect your beloved hands and favorite shirt from those annoying walnut stains.

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