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How To Get Rid Of Washing Machine Smell

Before the invention of washing machine, people need to go to the rivers or creeks to wash their clothes. They used to manually wash every piece of fabric they have. That is why washing machine is regarded as one of the best household equipments that have been invented. Without washing machine, you can just imagine the trouble that everyone will get whenever their hampers are full and they need to new clothes to wear. But now that washing machines are here to help, almost no one worries about their laundry anymore. Indeed, washing machine has a lot of benefits and it surely makes laundry chores faster and easier to finish.

Washing machines are used to wash and clean clothes and fabrics. But, even these washing machines need to be cleaned as well. Failure to maintain this equipment’s optimum performance may cause unwanted things like washing machine smell. Washing machine smell is one of the most common complains of household owners about their washing machines. So if you are facing the same problem, here are tips that may be useful in getting rid of washing machine smell.

Inspect the washing machine

There are some reasons why washing machine starts to smell. It may be because of the machine parts or just plain dirt that has stuck on the washing machine. If each time you run your washing machine, it produces a foul odor similar to burnt things, then the washing machine may be malfunctioning. If the whirling sound of the washing machine is also different, then the smell is most probably caused by the machine itself.

However, if the washing machine runs smoothly and it emanates a foul odor that is similar to filthy, rotten smell, then the washing machine may just be lacking the proper cleaning that it needs.

For malfunctioning washing machine

For washing machines that are internally damaged, it is best to have a professional check it, especially if you do not really have any experience about fixing household equipments. Call someone you know who can fix simple mechanical errors.

Watch out for molds

For plain, dirty washing machines, you should first check for molds. Molds are the number one cause of filthy smell that comes from the washing machine. They might have grown because of improper ways of cleaning the washing machine. If there are molds, you can just use a mold remover and spray it on the mold clumps. The chemicals from the mold remover will kill the fungi-causing molds. Then you can just scrub and clean up the molds.

Aside from the mold removers which you can buy on the local home improvement shop, you can also sprinkle baking soda on the mold clumps. Baking soda not just kills molds, but it also absorbs its unwanted smell.

Vinegar and water

Vinegar is very powerful when it comes to removing unwanted odors. All you have to do is mix vinegar and water together. Pour the water and vinegar over the washing machine. Let it sit there for a few minutes and run the washing machine. The vinegar will absorb and remove most of the smell. Drain the vinegar and water solution and try to smell if the odor has decreased. Then, fill the washing machine again with clean water and some liquid soap. Run the washing machine for a few minutes then drain the soapy water. Using a clean piece of cloth, dry the washing machine thoroughly so that no molds will grow inside it.

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