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How To Get Rid Of Washing Machine Stains

The washing machine is your best friend when it comes to cleaning your clothes and other fabrics. It is the one that is responsible in removing all those stains from your beloved shirts. Although washing machine helps clean your clothes, it somewhat takes the toll in removing dirt from the things that you put inside it. Over time, washing machines will get dirty, have wear and tear, machine malfunction and it can even get rust and stains. And once your washing machine developed rust and stains, those clothes of yours will never come out clean again when you wash them using a washing machine with rust and stains.

If you have notice that your clothes end up getting gray or brown, then your washing machine most likely have stains. These washing machine stains might be caused by the detergents you use and improper washing machine cleaning. Unless you remove the washing machine stains, it will just stay there and worsen over time. So if you want to get rid of washing machine stains. Here are some things you can do.

Clean with vinegar

Fill up the washing machine with water and set the temperature level to hot. Run the washing machine and add two to three cups of water into it. Let the washing machine run a complete cycle. The vinegar will help in detaching stains, killing possible mold clumps and removing minerals that may be causing the stain. After cleaning the washing machine with vinegar, drain the washing machine of any liquid.

Wipe and scrub

Apply bleach inside the washing machine using a rag. Use a rag that has soft cloth and fine fibers to avoid scratching your washing machine’s interior surface. Then, gently scrub the washing machine. Scrub the washing machine surface thoroughly and do not forget to clean the washing machine drums as well.

When you are using bleach, always protect your hands by wearing gloves.

Pour lemon juice

After you have scrubbed the washing machine clean, you should now run it again in hot cycle with some water and lemon juice. The lemon juice will also remove any other dirt like the vinegar, but this time, the lemon juice will also leave your washing machine with a more pleasant smell. After running the machine in another hot and full cycle, drain the machine again.

Clean up the washing machine engine

Using a clean cloth, try to clean the washing machine engine, particularly the washing machine drums. You can also use bleached water to clean the washing machine parts thoroughly. Be careful when dealing with washing machine engine parts because you might end up ruining its functionality.

Wipe the washing machine

After everything has been cleaned, be sure to wipe the washing machine using a clean cloth. Do not let the washing machine dry by itself as bacteria will most likely stick to it again. So wipe the washing machine dry after you have cleaned up all those washing machine stains and grime.

Test run

If you want to be sure that the washing machine stains have been removed, you can try doing a test run. After cleaning the washing machine, try using it using a white cloth. See if it comes with a gray or brown tint. If the white cloth has been washed clean without any alteration to the fabric, then you have successfully removed and cleaned the washing machine stains.

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