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How To Get Rid Of Watch Scratches

Do you own a watch that is worth more than your television set? Or did your special one give you a precious watch during your birthday? For some reason, people tend to treasure watches more than other pieces of jewelry that they own. It may be because of the sentimental value or simply the market value of the watch. But whatever the worth of the watch may be, its owner will surely get annoyed if they see their watch full of scratches.

Are you one of those people who constantly rub their watch just to get rid of annoying scratches? Do not be too harsh in cleaning your watch. Instead of removing the scratches, you might probably be making the situation worse. So if you have a precious watch that has a lot of scratches, here are some tips that you can do to get rid of watch scratches.

Try using cleaning solution

If the glass on your watch has incurred some scratches, you should examine the scratches first. All you have to do is get a fine piece of cloth and drop some cleaning solution to it. Use trusted cleaning solution brands like Glint. Then lightly rub the solution on the glass on your watch.

Examine the scratches

After you have used the cleaning solution, the scratches will be easier to detect. Check the depth of the scratches under a bright light. The following steps in your watch scratch removal depend on the intensity and depth of the scratches.

Use sandpaper

You will need to use a sandpaper to remove the scratch from your watch’s crystal glass. Look for waterproof sandpaper that is very fine. The usual thick sandpaper for smoothing out surfaces may not work with glasses and it may even worsen the scratches so choose the finest sandpaper in the market.

Rub the watch crystal

If your watch is waterproof, then you can directly place the watch under the running water. But if your watch cannot be used under the water, remove the watch crystal from the watch first. Then, rub the glass with the very fine waterproof sandpaper under the stream of water. Be gentle when rubbing the watch glass to avoid any more problems.

Polish the glass

After you have finished rubbing the watch, the scratches will most likely not be visible. The next step for Cape Cop polishing cloth and use it on your watch. Most people who have used the product say that it works great in removing watch scratches.

Bring your watch to the jeweler

If you are not sure how to remove the scratches from your watch, you should just opt to bring your watch to the jeweler or to the shop where you bought it. You might be entitled to get free cleaning services considering that your watch is covered by warranty. If not, then you can just pay for a few bucks and have the jeweler clean up the scratches from your watch.

Buy a protective coat

There are little pieces of transparent plastic that you might be able to use to protect your watch. You can just get one from the market and lay it down on your watch’s glass. It will serve as a protective coat so that you can avoid dealing with more watch scratches in the future.

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