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How To Get Rid Of Water In Your Ear

The heat is up and you went swimming. After a long time of swimming here and there, when you stepped out of the water, your ear seemed to be clogged with water. This is a natural occurrence since the ear has an opening that the water can easily go through. You would know that you ear is clogged with water if your hearing suddenly becomes vague and you feel tickly in your ear. This is because the water that has been stuck in your ear canal will probably just stay there swaying if you do not get rid of it. But how exactly do you get rid of water in your ear?

Removing water that has entered you ears is quite easy. There are some simple methods and positions that you can just do. So once you stepped out of the water and those ears of yours are filled with water, here are some simple methods that you can do to remove the water from your ear.


Jumping is probably one of the easiest methods of getting rid of water in your ears. All you have to do is tilt you head, with the watered ear pointing down to the ground. Then, gently hit the side of your head that is pointing towards the sky with your palm. The water will more or less come up with just plain hitting your head like a bottle of ketchup. If the water remains in your ears, then jump up and down until the water comes out. You might look like a Mexican jumping bean while doing this method but it does work.

Fill your ear with water

You might ask why you should fill your ear with more water to get rid of the water that is already inside it. If you are curious, just think about the waterspout mechanism. Once the waterspout gets some water, it will swiftly get rid of it as well. So what you can do is tilt your head, with the affected ear facing upwards. Then, fill your already watered ear with a few more drops of water and quickly turn your head to the other side so that the affected ear is quickly turned downward. The vigorous turning of the head will send the water in your ear away. If it did not work for the first time, just repeat until all the water has been pulled out.

Do nothing

If you are tired of trying the jumping bean and waterspout method, then do nothing. The water will naturally be pulled by gravity and it will flow out of your ear canal. So if you can stand having water in your ear for about an hour, then just stay still and do nothing about the water in your ear as it will go away by itself.

Call the doctor

Having water in your ears will not really kill you. But if after a day, the water has not come out, it might be best to ask the help of the doctor. He will probably give you some ear drops or other quick and easy treatments to get the water in your ears out. Failure to remove the water in your ear will most likely impair your hearing and it can even cause otitis media, so for long-lasting water in your ears, consult the doctor.

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