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How To Get Rid Of Welder’s Flash

Are your eyes in a great amount of pain? Do your eyes feel sensitive and gritty? If you are having these sensations, you might be having welder’s flash. A welder’s flash, or commonly called as flash burn, happens when ultraviolet light hits the eye. As soon as your eyes meet a wave of UV light, you might suddenly feel like your eyes are being burnt. This is one of the most common signs of welder’s flash. Aside from the burning sensation in the eyes, your eyes might also become watery, swollen, hypersensitive and just plain uncomfortable.

Welder’s flash typically attacks the cornea of the eyes. Although medical professionals say that welder’s flash may only have effect on the corneas for about a day or two, it is still the best if you can give proper treatment to your eyes. So if you have recently gotten a welder’s flash, here are some things that you can do in order to prevent your eye condition from getting worse.

Close and relax your eyes

As soon as you have suffered from welder’s flash, you should close the affected eye and relax it. This will help in calming your eyes and at the same time, it will also prevent any bacteria from aggravating the welder’s flash. If you are out of your house when this happened, try to close your eyes for a couple of seconds and blink repeatedly. This will help in alleviating the damage of the welder’s flash. However, if you think that it is really bad, then just go home and rest your eyes.

Cool your eyes down

Applying something cool on your eye will of course remove the burning sensation. So if you are suffering from welder’s eye, a good thing to do is to get an ice pack or a refrigerated slice of cucumber. Place this on your eyes so that you will get that soothing and calming feeling. Repeat this process until you are feeling more comfortable. Aside from ice pack and cucumber, you can also use cold tea bag or gauze pad and other similar alternatives.

Protect your eye with an eye patch

To make the healing process faster, you can just place an eye patch over your eye that has been affected by the welder’s flash. Get a square gauze pad and place it over your eye. Secure it with medical tape. This will help keep your eyes closed and relaxed. When your eye feels better, you can remove the eye patch.

Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses are known to be a good fashion accessory, but in fact, sunglasses are more than just that. They are actually created for protection. If you are suffering from welder’s flash, you should avoid as much bright light as you can. That is why; it is helpful to wear sunglasses of dark colors. It is best to get one that has UV protection so that whenever you go out, your eyes will not be exposed with the bright sunrays that can aggravate the welder’s flash.

Go to the doctor

Welder’s flash normally goes away after 1-3 days. If you still feel some of it symptoms after 4 days, then you should go to the doctor and seek for medical advice. If you go for a checkup, the doctor will be able to assess your eye’s condition and give you some tips as well.

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