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How To Get Rid Of Well Water Hair

Despite the advanced technology today, there are still some areas that are lacking development. Most of these areas fall on countryside or those areas that are isolated from highly-civilized area. IN these rural areas, their resources come from nature. As to water, instead of filtered water from the faucets, people depend on well water. Well water comes from aquifer or underground river, streams and other water bodies. Because they come from underground, the water is not purely clean because other minerals get mixed with it. More often than not, when you get water from a well, you will encounter small particles which are mineral buildup. Although well water is free and natural, it can be disadvantageous because you cannot drink it as is, and sometimes, when you take a bath with water from the well, your hair will get the mineral buildup which can cause various problems.

If you have long locks and you often bathe with well water, then you may experience hair damage, discoloration, thinning and breakage, and you can even get dandruff and other skin problems. Do not worry though; you do not have to change your water resource to avoid minerals from the well water, as there are some simple things that you can do to get rid of well water hair. Here are some tips that you may find useful so you can escape the cons of bathing with well water.

Get well water hair products

There are actually some products that you can buy in the market to avoid well water hair. Some hair product manufacturers produce shampoos and conditioner which help remove mineral buildup in the hair when you take a bath with well water. Just take a trip to the grocery shop or health and beauty store and get “well water” shampoo and conditioner. You can also check the Internet to buy these products online. Aside from shampoo and conditioner, there are also other hair creams and products that you can check out for well water hair treatment.

Use the well water shampoo

Well water shampoos are specifically made for people who bathe with well water. They have this chemical formula that is potent enough to break down the minerals from the well water.  SO that when your hair filters these unwanted elements, you can just rub the shampoo on your hair and these elements will be broken down for easy removal. To use the well water shampoo, wash your hair and make sure that all your hair strands are wet. Then, lather a small amount of the well water shampoo on your entire hair. Also pay attention to your scalp. After you have thoroughly lathered the well water shampoo, rinse it with water.

Apply well water conditioner

Well water shampoos have strong chemicals that may ruin the softness and liveliness of your hair. So in order to maintain your soft and smooth locks, you should apply well water conditioner after washing with well water shampoo. Well water conditioner also has some contents that will neutralize the positively charged elements from the well water. They also contain moisturizing agent to make the hair more beautiful. To apply this product, simply squeeze out the excess water from your hair, apply the conditioner to your strands, avoiding the scalp and then rinse clean with water.

Go to the salon

There are some treatments that you can get which will reduce the amount of minerals from the well water in your hair. You can just go to the salon and ask your hair stylist about the different hair treatments you can get.

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