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How To Get Rid Of Well Water Stains

Environmental sanitation is serious business. Whether it is around your house or at work, a dirty environment makes for an unhealthy community. As such, cleaning your place is just as important as those around the community. Also, cleaning can take all harmful things away from you and your family. One particular problem that is overlooked and ignored in today’s community is water. Water is an important part of anyone’s life. Without water, humans can’t survive. Water is needed for drinking in which if a person does not drink enough water, he will eventually die. However, there are also cons of water. Water can lead to people suffering because of pollutants present. That is why waters should be filtered and distilled for it to be sterile. But still, there might be some things caused by water which you can readily get rid of. One example is a well water stain.

Well water stains are always unwanted. They can cause many sorts of things associated to health. Not only that, but in every container they occupy, they leave a white residue that could cause clogging of their path. From drains to pipes, well waters will eventually clog wherever it is contained. Aside from piping, they also leave white residue in kitchen utensils, shower heads, water faucets, and everything you put them in. They can also stain bathtubs, toilets, and sinks. You can only know that you have hard water when these stains begin to show up. This article will help you get rid of well water stains that are pestering your home with just the ever helpful vinegar.

Start with the small stuff

Use vinegar and run some of the stuff in your kitchen utensils. Once done, immediately take the vinegar out with clean water and put it back into its reservoir. This is to prevent the kitchen utensils from getting that putrid smell from being soaked in vinegar for too long. Run the pot through water twice. As a finisher, use hot water and soap to completely cleanse your kitchen utensils.

Another use for your vinegar is to put it into a plastic bag and place your shower head inside, if it has well water stains. Seal the bag using duct tape and leave it somewhere overnight. The vinegar will remove the water stain and calcium deposits as well.

Treat your toilet

Pour 1/2 gallon of white vinegar in your toilet and let it soak for as long as possible. For the best results, do it for more than 1 hour. This will remove well water stains and other bacteria occupying your bowl. Flush your toilet afterwards then continue cleaning as you normally would.

Treat your dishwasher

Simply clean your dishwasher with vinegar but this time do not use soap. Run one cycle with straight white vinegar and lemon juice. Two cups of each is enough. This will unclog any place with a lot of well water stains and remove other stains occupying your dishwasher.

Clean your bath tub

There’s also a possibility of well water stains existing in your bathtub, especially in the drainage area. Start by scrubbing the tub with hot water and vinegar. Leave the vinegar solution for a couple of hours. Use a hard bristle scrub pad and start scrubbing again. Rinse with water and voila, you have a water stain-free tub.

What worked for you?

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