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How To Get Rid Of Wet Basement Smell

Your number one chore is to keep your house clean and take anything harmful out as soon as you can. With that said, house maintenance is a must so you and your family can live clean and safe lives. Unfortunately, common household problems can be found all over the place. Some can be very harmful while, some aren’t so much. But for one reason or another, you need to get rid of problems that will inhibit your house as quickly as possible. Of course, no one can really say that they know all the problems in their house almost immediately. You have to search for them and identify what needs to be done. Places like the living room and the kitchen are well populated during daytime so it is likely that your house problem is found there. But take note that the worst problems inside a household are found in the most isolated and not commonly visited areas such as the cellar or basement.

Wet basement smell or damp smell is a common household problem found in many homes. It isn’t unusual for them to happen especially if you do not visit your basement too often. As a result of this negligence, many home owners end up having leaks and damp basements, thus the wet smell reeks from it. While this problem isn’t a real threat, the smell could disturb you and your family. For this matter, you might want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Wet basement smells usually come from plumbing problems. However, not all the times, the basement smell comes from the piping around. Having wet smell from your basement while water and plumbing problems aren’t present is a big question. So where is it coming from if not from the plumbing? Fortunately, the answer is just simple. It could be coming from underneath the foundation of your house where there is retained water. It may also stem from living near bodies of water such as lakes or rivers. But not to worry, these following tips will help you get rid of wet basement smells.

Look out for the problems

Scout around your house for these problems: clogged roof gutters and water leaks from water heaters, baseboards, radiator heat, dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, or anything with pipes. If you spot the problems, call your plumber to patch them up.

Check your house’ ventilation system

This means making sure every room in your house is well ventilated. If it isn’t raining outside, open your windows and place a fan to blow out any unnecessary odors out of your house. A humidifier is also a good idea since it will take the excess humidity out of the air and reduce the damp or wet smell.

Place around some charcoal

Pieces of charcoal in old coffee cans work wonders at getting rid of the smell. These charcoals will absorb any and all odors including the damp or wet smell found in your house. Make sure to replace them regularly.

Remove unneeded things

If you have unneeded things inside your basement, it might be a great idea if you just get rid of them. Old papers, cardboards, and other things that are obsolete should be thrown into the trash bin.

Get odor absorber

Purchase an odor absorber to help gets rid of damp and wet smells out of your house. You can acquire these from your local hardware store.

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