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How To Get Rid Of Wet Dog Smell

Is your dog too smelly that you cannot even play with it? Do you miss cuddling with your dog and stroking its soft fur? Well, dogs are cute animals and they make great pets. But sometimes, there are drawbacks if you are keeping a dog in your home. For example, when your dog goes out to play, it might come back to you with a strong, annoying dog smell. The worse thing is that, when it is not attended right away, the dog smell might even spread around your house. So if your nose is telling that it is time for you to clean your dog, you must do so if you do not want to deal with that wet dog smell.

Dogs are active animals that are why they often become dirty and start to get smelly. If this happens to your dog, you will think twice before getting near it again. Do not let your pet dog feel that you dislike it. Here are some simple tips that you can follow in order to get rid of wet dog smell.

Bathe your dog

Of course, if your dog is getting smelly, the number reason behind it maybe lack of cleaning. If you haven’t washed your dog within a month, then it is not shocking that it will spread unwanted dog smell around your house. To solve this problem, you can just take your dog for a bath. Simply fill up your bath tub or big basin with warm water. Place your dog in the tub and splash water all around it. Then, using a mild dog shampoo, lather your dog’s fur and skin thoroughly. Wash the water from the dog. If you have conditioner, you can also apply it on your dog’s skin. This will not just improve your pet’s odor, but it will also make its fur more soft and smooth. Rinse the conditioner again afterwards. Then, use a blower and a brush to dry your dog’s fur.

If your dog loves to go out and play, you should bathe it about once a week. If it is just a house dog, bathing it once a month may be enough.

Clean your dog’s ears

A dog’s ear is a home for many bacteria. The bad thing is that the dog’s ears are often ignored. So when your dog smells bad, check its ears. There might already be lots of bacteria deposits inside it. To clean your dog’s ear, get a soft piece of cloth and dip it in warm water. Gently use it when you clean your dog’s ear. Do not probe to deep as it may hurt your dog.

Apply dog perfume or scented powder

After you have cleaned your dog, dog perfume or scented powder may help in making your dog smell pleasant again. You can get dog perfume or scented powder in almost every pet shop out there. You can get those anti-bacterial spray or powder for even more protection for your dog.

Take your dog to the animal doctor

If the dog still smells after you have given it an exhilarating bath, then maybe there is something wrong with its health. To have a proper diagnosis, you should take your dog to the animal doctor. There are many dog diseases that are associated with wet dog smell. It may have skin problem or internal disease. So to be sure, go to the vet and ask for his professional advice.

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