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How to Get Rid of Writers Block

Have you ever felt great satisfaction after watching a movie or reading a book? Did a story ever touch you in all sorts of manner? Well, you can thank writers for the feeling. Writers have like a pool of creative juices just waiting to be poured and shared with the rest of the world. But like any jobs, there are hiccups in being a writer. What if a writer suddenly wasn’t able to come up with an idea? They are unable to write anything at all. This is known as the writer’s block.

A writer’s block doesn’t mean a writer has ran out of ideas; ideas are all in the head, surely it won’t go anywhere. It’s just that when this condition occurs, a writer has a hard time expressing that idea. You can just imagine what a writer goes through, especially under the pressure of the deadline as well as the quality of the material. Every writer has come face to face with this problem and it can be infuriating if this condition strikes at the most crucial times.

A writer’s block is not permanent though. As mentioned earlier, ideas are in the head, or even everywhere. It will never run out. It is the writer themselves that are having the difficulty expressing their ideas and this is what is needed to be fixed. To get rid of writers block, you should read along and treat the guide below as a friend:


You have been typing for 8 hours straight, and you simply feel that you are unstoppable. Suddenly, the dreaded writers block kicks in, surely now you are in trouble. So you start reading the story again, and you end up where you stopped typing due to the condition. If you pursue the story, you risk of further infuriating yourself and coming up with an awful story.

Rest. This is what you should do. The word is simple enough to understand, there is no need to pressure yourself especially if the end result will suffer due to your relentlessness. If you feel that you can’t continue, stand up and stop writing. It may be a good idea to take a long walk outside, just keep our head off of the material that you are writing.

Do not succumb to the pressure of deadline

Pressure is one of the biggest factor that triggers a writer’s block. Try to think of it as an overloaded circuit. If there is an overload in an electric circuit, the fuse blows. The same thing happens to writing. Before you start writing, try to assess the time that it would take to write the material. Follow a schedule and make sure that you do not procrastinate to guarantee that the time you use is time well spent. If you have done all of these and still your editor is barking at you, you can ask them for more time. But be sure to be reasonable enough that the editor would still be able to release the material with just a slight delay.

Perform different activities

Trying to force your mind to come up with more ideas even if it’s dry as a desert can result to poor writing. When you feel tired of writing, aside from resting, you can do different activities such as reading other articles or perform physical activities. This can spark an idea which you can add to your material once you are back in the groove.

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