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How To Get Rid Of Yellow Armpit Stains

Are you one of those persons who often have underarm sweat? If you are, then you might also often encounter armpit stains. Armpit stains are plain unwanted, especially if the fabric affected is light colored. It may be caused by several of factors. The most common reasons behind these armpit stains are the deodorant you are using and excessive sweating. So if after you have danced your night out and come morning time you see yellow blotches on your top’s underarm area, then you should act right away so that the armpit stain that has developed will be easily removed.

If your favorite cloth has been damaged by armpit stains, you should not just throw it away and buy another one. Armpit stains can definitely be removed. Although sometimes, you might have a hard time dealing with it. Here are some things you can do to get rid of yellow armpit stains.

Know your fabric

It is essential to know what type of fabric is used in making your stained clothing. This is because some fabrics may be weak and cannot take the removal methods that work well with armpit stains. Also, if you are dealing with expensive fabrics like satin or silk, you should just go to the laundry shop to have the armpit stains treated.

Soak with hot water

Hot water is effective in breaking down stains. You can just heat up some water. Be sure to check your cloth for the hottest temperature that it can tolerate. Then, soak your cloth to the hot water. Leave it for a few minutes until you see that the yellow armpit stain has become lighter. Then, launder as usual with clean water and detergent.

Let it bleach under the sun

After you have laundered your cloth, you can just let it dry under the heat of the sun. The sun has natural bleaching power that may remove the stain from your clothing. Simply turn the stained cloth inside out. Lay it down on a clean surface outside your house. Be sure that the armpit area is exposed to the sun. Then, let it hang around outside until it has dried. Check if the stains have been removed.

Apply vinegar

If the stain has not been removed by hot water and plain washing, then you can apply vinegar to remove the stain. Simply pour a small amount of vinegar over the yellow armpit stains. Let it sit on the fabric so that the stain-causing germs will be killed and the stain will be softened up. After a couple of minutes, check if the armpit stains has been removed. If not, reapply vinegar and then let it sit for a few more minutes. Rinse with water and detergent afterwards. Hang outside to dry.

Blot with hydrogen peroxide solution

Hydrogen peroxide is also powerful in removing stains like yellow armpit stains. It can kill bacteria and leave the fabric bleached. Simply mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide with some water. Using a piece of cloth or sponge, blot the stained area with the hydrogen peroxide solution. Leave the solution to work for some minutes until you see that the stain has lightened up. Then, launder your clothing as usual.

Use baking soda paste

Baking soda paste is also powerful in removing tough yellow armpit stains. Simply create a paste out of baking soda and some water. Apply the paste on the area using a toothbrush. Scrub until the stain goes away and rinse with clean water.

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