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How To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets

Do you often see black and yellow insects around your house? Do you think that you are being infested by bees but you cannot really find any beehive around? Maybe, you are not dealing with bees infestation at all, but instead, you might be having yellow jacket problems. Yellow jackets are actually a type of wasp that looks like bees. But you will know the difference between the two if you see some brown hair covering the body of the insect. If it has no hair, then it is yellow jackets you are dealing with and not bees.

If you have identified yellow jackets around your house, then you should get rid of it as soon as possible. Yellow jackets are quite harmful. They are very aggressive and they can leave you with nasty sting. That is why if you have noticed some yellow jackets flying around your home, you need to attend to it right away. Here are some simple tips you can follow to get rid of yellow jackets.

Seal cracks and crevices

If your house has a lot of cracks and crevices, then these yellow jackets will gain access to your home. The best thing you can do to prevent these yellow jackets from coming around and other pests in general, is to seal cracks and crevices around your house. If the yellow jackets have already filled the cracks and crevices around your house, then you can use a vacuum to remove them. Simply run the vacuum and suck out all those yellow jackets. It is best to do this at night. Then, when you have rmeoved the yellow jackets, you can now seal the cracks and crevices around your house.

Remove their food sources

If you have lots of leftover food lying around, then you are attracting yellow jackets. Like other pests, yellow jackets love to munch on some protein-rich or sugary foods. They particularly like to share with your pet’s foods. So if you have lots of exposed resources that these yellow jackets can feast on, then you are inviting more yellow jackets to visit your home. So as much as possible, remove all the food sources and other leftovers around your house. If you need to feed your pet, check your pet’s food bowl after just some minutes of serving it and remove the excess food right afterwards.

Remove garbage around

Aside from exposed food out in the open, garbage can also attract lots of yellow jackets. So if you have garbage bins outside, you should empty it regularly. Also, keep it covered so that pests will have no access to it. It might also be a great idea if you segregate your waste so that you can control the amount of pests like yellow jackets.

Set up wasp traps

There are wasp traps that you can use to get rid of the yellow jackets around. You can get them in most home improvement stores. Wasp traps are best set up before summer begins. This is because when summer hits, the queen yellow jacket will begin to swarm. And when the queen yellow jacket falls for your trap, then its whole colony will be brought down.

Use insecticide

If the yellow jacket infestation is too much, then you can use insecticide to kill them. You can just go to the local home improvement shop and check out the best insecticides for yellow jackets. Ask for assistant from the clerk if you need it. To use the insecticide, carefully follow the directions written on the product label.

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