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How To Get Rid Of Zebra Mussels

Fishing is actually a very relaxing activity. Whether it is a simple row boat fishing or mass fishing, you will constantly find yourself away from land, reeling in that rod, or in some cases that net. Of course, where you will fish is up to you. Fish will bite more in some places than others. This may be due to the environment they are living in. Like the outside world, underwater places get polluted too, ironically by the outside world. This will cause the fishes to go elsewhere to the fisherman’s disappointment. However, there are fellow underwater creatures that cause problems for others. For example, one may enjoy dining on another one’s home, if not on that individual itself. Not only will it drive the precious fish away, but it surely isn’t good for any business.

Zebra mussels do just that: they stick in your boat and wait for you to go to the next water source. Moreover, they will the plankton that the many fish depend on. Not only that, but they are the common cause of industrial pipes clogging. This is because the multiply fast and spread like the plague. This will leave with the population of the mussels overrun the fishes that we want even more. Not a lot of people are a fan of mussels. In fact, they are one of the most unwanted and unpopular creatures in the United States. They are not completely unwanted, but with their growing population, you want to keep that in check so fishes will stay. This article will show you a way on how to get rid of mussels, since it is the only necessary way to do so.

Repel zebra mussels

Keep the mussels at bay, or in other words, repel them. Mussels are often stowaways in many fishing boats. You may not see them directly but they are there nonetheless. Spray your boat or any other equipment you own that touched the water with high pressure water. Do so in 140 degrees F. This will keep them away or if not kill any potential mussel lurking.

Use chemicals for your own convenience

Zephiran chloride is necessary for pools or ponds overran by the zebra mussels. Approximately 4.5 ppm or Zephiran chloride will do. Leave it in your water source for at least 24 hours and sleep tight knowing that it’s destroying the zebra mussels as you snooze. Call it genocide but it is necessary.

The waiting game

Let all of the equipment that came in contact with the water dry, including your boat. This will minimize and kill any mussels that got on or can into contact and stuck its way into them. Remember that mussels are small but grow to be a nuisance. Take no prisoner and don’t be lazy. Dry them as soon as you can.

Use bleach and water

Of course, coming into contact with water, especially the bottom of your boat, you will notice certain moss looking things forming. Clean these out using bleach mixed with water. Bleach/water ratio shouldn’t be over 1/10. This will minimize any accidents upon spillage and do less irritation should it come to contact with the skin. Use sponge to scrub all that came contact with the water, be it equipment or boats.

Repeat steps 1-4 every time you go fishing. You can normally skip step 2 but the other 3 steps are important. Sure there will be intervals, but if you mass fish for five days a week, reserve the weekend to clean you boat afterwards.

What worked for you?

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