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How To Get Rid Of Pacifier For Two or Three Years Old

Pacifier is one of the basic tools used in parenting and nurturing a baby. It can help them in a lot of ways especially because babies find comfort in using pacifiers. When they need a nap or sleep, chewing and sucking on pacifiers can lull babies to sleep. When they cry, you can just insert pacifier on your child’s mouth and he will stop whining. Basically, pacifier is a part of a baby’s life.

It is normal for babies to depend on pacifier. However, when a child crosses his second year, pacifier withdrawal must start to take place. Pacifier withdrawal might be hard to deal with once your baby has grown too dependent on it, but you have to do something to kick off the pacifier from two to three years old babies as it might become a dirty habit for them. The following are some tips that other parents use in order to get rid of pacifier for two or three years old.

Take it away

The “cold turkey” method seems to work a lot of times but you have to be prepared to stand firm when you choose this method. Basically, just taking away the pacifier may cause your child to cry and cry and give you sleepless nights. For parents, seeing their baby cry is very hard. So if you are too soft-hearted, this method is not the one for you. But if you can stand to see your child crying to sleep for a few nights, then you can try this method. Babies can forgive and forget easier than adults so your child most probably will not cry over the pacifier for a long time.

Too old for pacifier

Since two to three year-old children can already comprehend, you can just sit down and convince him to let go of his pacifier. Tell your baby that he is too old for depending on a pacifier. Say that he is not a baby anymore; that he is already big. Instill in his mind that pacifiers are for babies and kids like him should be playing with other toys for bigger children.

Little kids like it when you tell them that they are already growing older. This makes them feel that they have sense of authority. If the sweet talk does not work for the first time, then just continue doing it every now and then and he will give in eventually.

Bribe your child

Children of two to three years of age are already developing their sense of interest. If you want to convince him to stop using pacifiers, you can try bribing him with something in return. For example, exchange toys such as teddy bears for his pacifier. At night, when he goes to sleep, he can just hug the teddy bear instead of sucking on his pacifier.

Reward him

You can try making a deal with your child with regards to using pacifier. Tell your child that every time he sleeps without the use of pacifier, you will give him a reward or treat the following morning. Remember to set rewards that will capture the interest of your child such as candies and sweets that are suitable for babies. And, of course, do not forget to give your child the reward once he succeeds in sleeping without pacifier.

Consult your pediatrician

If you cannot take away the pacifier habit from your child, you can consult your pediatrician for advice.

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