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How To Get Rid Of Sawtoothed Grain Beetles

The sawtoothed grain beetle is a common house pest that can be found living on your pantry and grocery cabinets. They will penetrate your food groceries and feed on your flour, sugar, cereals, oats, candies and other sugary foods. They also eat preserved foods like dried fruits and fried meats. Medicines, cigarettes and tobacco are not exempted from the sawtoothed grain beetle infestation as well.

One of the worst things about sawtoothed grain beetle is that they multiply so easily. If there are some sawtoothed grain beetles that have gained access to your house and you were not able to remove them right away, they will multiply and worsen the infestation that they will bring to your household. So once you see a small, brown beetle with flat body, you might be under the attack of sawtoothed grain beetles. If you want to know how to get rid of sawtoothed grain beetles, here are the things that you can do.

Locate the lair

The first step in getting rid of sawtoothed grain beetles is to locate their lair. Using a bright flashlight, check all the places where you store your food products. Once you have seen what particular cabinet they are housing at, you should start to clean that food storage area.

Clean up the food storage

Cleaning up the food groceries and cabinets that has been infested by the sawtoothed grain beetles is one of the most effective ways in removing those pests. Start by placing your food products in a clean container and secure them while you clean up the food storage.

Use a vacuum cleaner to suck those sawtoothed grain beetles or simply use a broom to clean them up. Once the sawtoothed grain beetles have been removed, you can now wash the food pantry or cabinet. Get a bucket of water and pour some liquid soap over it. Use a sponge or cloth to wipe the food storage with this soapy water. Once you have cleaned every corner of your food storage, wipe it clean with clean water. Leave the food storage opened for some hours until it dries up.

Sort the foods

While waiting for the food storage to dry, you can now sort the food groceries that have been affected by sawtoothed grain beetles. Check every item and if you see that the infestation has greatly damaged the product, it is just best to throw it away. Place all the damaged products on garbage bag and throw this in a safe place or wait for the garbage truck to pick it up.

As for those foods which are still edible, you can transfer them into safe and sealed containers. Use jars and food containers that cannot be easily accessed by pests.

Use pesticides or air purifiers

Before you place back your food groceries inside the food storage, you can use pesticides or air purifiers to sanitize your food storage. However, be keen in choosing the product that you will use. Always opt for those that contain the least chemicals. If you have chosen to spray the food storage with pesticide or air purifier, let a few hours pass before you place back the food groceries so that they will not be contaminated by unwanted chemicals.

Keep the food storage clean

To prevent sawtoothed grain beetles from coming back, always keep your food storage clean.

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