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How To Get Rid Of Scratches On Phone Screen

Cell phones are one of the best gadgets ever made. It helped a lot in improving everyday communications. Recently, there are many new cell phone models that have been introduced in the market. Not only do these cell phones help in telecommunications, but they also have special features that make the use of cell phones more enjoyable. Because of the many benefits that a person can get from this small gadget, cell phone owners have become very protective of their gadgets. That is why when their phone screens become scratched; they will try to find ways to get rid of it.

If you carry your cell phone everywhere you go, and you use it almost every hour, it is inevitable for it to get scratched. If you are quite clumsy, then you may even experience dropping your phone every now and then. The more you use it, the more tear it can get. But do not worry as you can do something to clean up this wear and tear and unwanted scratches. If you want your phone to appear flawless like it has been taken out of the box, here are some things you can do to get rid of scratches on phone screen.

The toothpaste trick

Toothpaste is quite effective when it comes to removing scratches from most kind of glasses, including cell phone screens. First, you just have to get toothpaste in cream form, and a very fine piece of tissue paper. Remember, do not use gel toothpaste as it will not work. Once you have these two, simply squeeze a small bit of toothpaste on the tissue and gently apply it on the phone screen. Rub it all around your phone screen until the scratches seem to appear less visible. Leave the toothpaste on your phone screen for a while for it to absorb any remaining dirt. Then, using another piece of tissue paper dipped in water, wipe away the remaining toothpaste from the phone screen.

If the toothpaste trick has worked but there are still some scratches remaining, you can just repeat the steps until you have achieved a desired result.

Use a scratch remover

There are commercial scratch remover products that you can readily purchase. Some of the best selling cell phone scratch removers are Displex and Novus. It only costs a few bucks and you can get it in most gadget stores or on online sites.

To properly use the scratch remover, you should clean your phone screen first. Dampen a piece of paper towel and use it to wipe your phone’s screen. This should be effective in removing dirt and marks on your cell phone. Then, using another paper towel, dry the phone’s surface.

After the phone screen has been cleaned, apply a small quantity of Displex, Novus or any other scratch remover you have to the phone screen using a cloth with fine fibers. Rub the screen in circular motion, with particular attention to the scratched areas. Do this for a few minutes, and then check if the scratch has lightened up. Repeat process until most of the scratches have been removed.

Protect your phone

If you want your cell phone to stay smooth and free of scratches, you can buy those jelly or silicone cases and screen protectors. They are quite economical and very effective in protection your beloved cell phone gadget.

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