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How to Get Rid of Rotten Milk Smell in Car

If you get any foul smell in your car, you are in trouble of getting that smell on you once you step outside the car. Much like the smell of air freshener insider the car sticks on you long after you leave the vehicle. Expect the same thing when something foul smelling is present in the car. We normally eat food inside the car and any leftover not taken out or any spills inside the car can result in a bad smell, especially if that drink comes from milk.

Dairy products taste really good although the same cannot be said for the way they smell if not stored properly, let alone if it spilled on a surface of an area enclosed most of the time. Rotten milk smell is the result of this scenario and it is guaranteed that as soon as you smell it in your car, you will do everything to get that foul smell out of the car.

You may have issues removing rotten milk smell in your car but there are plenty of ways to make this a possibility. The first thing that probably comes to your mind is use strong types of chemicals to remove the smell; you can actually use items that is within your reach or items that are available in your house:

Remove excess milk and use detergent

As soon as that milk hits the surface of your seat or carpet, blot it out with tissue paper. This would prevent the carpet and the interior from absorbing excessive amounts of milk that can worsen the situation. If the milk dries up and it starts crusting on the surface, scrape it off since this can also leave foul smell as well.

After you have absorbed or scraped off the milk, use warm water and detergent to remove any remaining milk in the interior. Soak the area with the soap and water solution and let it dry. If the milk goes into any type of fabric, you should just put it in the laundry and wash it.

Take out the furnishings

In case of heavy spill, you should take out all of the furnishings first and do the cleaning outside the car. Mix vinegar and soap solution and apply it on the area where the milk spilled. Let the material absorb the solution and let it dry. Pour baking soda over the affected area and let it stand on the surface overnight. Afterwards, vacuum the baking soda residue and check if the odor is still present.

Leave the car windows open

After you clean the inside of the car, it would be a good idea to let air circulate inside the car. By leaving the windows open, you prevent the smell from lingering inside since the air is circulated ensuring that the foul smell does not remain inside. By opening the windows, it would also alleviate the effects of getting smell in an enclosed space.

Use commercial cleaners

If these simple household materials do not work, you can use commercial grade cleaners to remove the smell of rotten milk from your car. There are cleaners especially designed to remove smell from leather surfaces which cleans and protect the leather at the same time. Other commercial grade cleaners can be used specifically for different materials such as plastic and fabric which allows for easy removal.

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