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How to Get Rid of Snails in Fish Tank

If you think that you might get bored from the current collection of different fishes you have in your fish tank, you can add variety to it by placing another kind of animal. Snails are chosen by some fish tank owners since they offer several benefits. Snails are known to remove algae, excess food and fish droppings. But too much of anything is harmful, and like normal living creatures, snails multiply.

When snails multiply, the population can be very high and the tendency is that they would over populate the fish tank. Since their population increases, their need to feed would also increase as well. Snails will feed on the plants in the fish tanks and can destroy the ecological system that has been built inside the tank.

It’s not necessary to get rid of each and every snail in the fish tank but rather, controlling their population would be the way to go. Since the presence of snails offer benefits to your fish tank, you can leave one or two pieces inside. To help you with this endeavor, you can follow the procedures listed below:

Handpick them one at a time

Snails are not that hard to remove, it’s not like they will struggle once you capture them. The poor things wouldn’t be able to do anything once held captive. So the easiest way to control them, if you have time, is to pick them up by hand one at a time. Adult snails are adequately sized and they can be spotted easily. Just wear gloves and handpick them as you see them.

You can also attempt the removal when you are about to clean the fish tank. Make sure that everything is taken out of the tank and that no snails remain when you put everything back in so you can control how many snails you want in the tank.

Introduce a predator

If you don’t have the luxury of handpicking snails one at a time and wouldn’t be able to monitor their population, you can introduce a predator that can do the job for you. Fish such as gourami, feed on snails. If there are quite a number of snails thriving in your fish tank, this is one of the best ways to control the growth of their population.

There are other types of fish that feeds on snails so be sure to choose the right one. There are fishes that can be aggressive to other fishes in the tank while others are not suitable in small fish tanks due to the fact that they are quite big.

Attract them with food

If you notice that the snails in the fish tank are hard to spot, you should have them come out in the open by using bait. What you need to do is place a saucer filled with snail food such as a leaf of lettuce, cucumber or zucchini. Leave the sauce for a few hours or overnight if necessary to allow the snails to feed on it. You should notice that the snails should gather on the saucer making it easier to capture them.

Clean the fish tank

Regular cleaning of the fish tank is necessary to avoid the snails from over populating it. Take every gravel, pebble and plant out of the tank and clean them well since there are snail eggs that might have hidden in these items.

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