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How to Get Rid of Static on Clothes

Your clothes are probably the one thing that keeps you decent in this modern world. There are times when you feel a sting on your skin which is a feeling of being exposed to electricity for a brief period of time. This can be bit of a surprising feeling and although it is not painful, they can startle you and give you a wakeup call. This occurrence is when static electricity is stored on the clothes.

Static on clothes can be an annoying situation which can happen more than once. There are no harmful effects when you feel this occurrence but it can also affect the people in your surroundings since the static electricity can pass onto them. This is why you need to get rid of static on clothes to stop the startling feeling.

Static is constantly generated on the surface of our bodies but there are several ways to get rid of them. Different procedures that are listed here can definitely help you lessen, if not, totally remove the static on clothes. To make sure that what you wear is free from any form of static electricity, you can follow some of the things listed below:

Try increasing the humidity

Since the surface of the body constantly generates static electricity, we need to remember that if this is the case, we have to also constantly battle the source of this occurrence. First is we need to make sure that the amount of humidity in our house is sufficient to neutralize production of static on clothes. You can purchase a humidifier to be able to do this procedure.

The device will add moisture in the surrounding which makes the air more conductive and will lessen the ability of the different materials in the house to retain static charge especially our clothes. When you add a humidifier to your house, you can also expect the number of mold and bacteria to decrease dramatically.

Wear clothing that is made from cotton

You may not know it but there are a lot of materials that can retain static charge. If you have clothes that are made from fur, nylon, wool and silk, you should avoid wearing them for long periods of time as they are some of the materials that retain static charge. To counteract the effects, you can wear pieces of clothing that are made from cotton. Cotton is a neutral material and wouldn’t retain static on clothes.

Choose your shoes wisely

You can also expect to get shocked by static electricity depending on the type of shoe that you wear. If you are wearing shoes that are made from rubber or polymers, you can expect less static build up. There are several anti static safety boots available in the market which can lessen and remove static charges completely.

Add sheets of fabric conditioner

If you must know, fabric conditioner sheets not only soften your clothes but they also kill static charges. Fabric softener sheets have external antistatic agents working while the clothes tumble inside the fryer. The scent of the fabric conditioner attaches to the surface of the clothing and adds more than just scent, the chemical which is responsible for making the surface conductive releases the static charge clinging on the clothes. This is one of the best ways to remove static on clothes.

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