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How To Get Rid Of Temporary Hair Dye

There is a point in a person’s life that he starts to feel like he wants change. Including in this change are both internal and external modifications. For example, to teenagers that want to build their own self-image, they may start to think of getting body piercings, tattoos and the most common of it all, colorful hair dye. But very often, the body modification done is regretted. So if ever you were one of those who tried dying your hair just so you can escape your natural look, then ended up feeling bad about it, then you know how annoying it is trying to figure out how to get rid of temporary hair dye in your mane.

Dying your hair is actually unhealthy. Hair dye has chemicals that can damage your hair from roots to tips and may even harm your scalp. Although hair dye may look nice during its first few weeks, after it has lasted for a month or so, you might feel like removing it from your hair because it produces not so attractive effect anymore. SO if you are facing the trouble of temporary hair color, here are some things you can do to get rid of temporary hair dye.

Wash your hair more often

If you wash your hair more often than usual, then you can speed up the removal of your temporary hair dye. Every day, wash your hair with the warmest temperature of water you can take, clarifying shampoo and conditioner. DO this for twice or thrice a day for about a week or more until the hair dye gets totally rinsed out. However, you should note that excessive washing of your hair will remove natural oils from your hair so be sure to moisturize it.

Get hot oil treatment

Hot oil treatments can also break down the temporary hair dye components in your hair. You can either go to a hair salon to get hot oil treatment or you can get those hot oil packages and do the treatment yourself. They come in affordable packages that you can readily buy at health and beauty shops. Just follow the instructions carefully to avoid any accidents.

Apply vinegar or lemon juice solution

Vinegar and lemon juice have powerful contents that can remove temporary hair dye. If your hair is naturally bright colored and you used dark hair dye, you can opt to use lemon juice solution. Just squeeze some fresh lemon and add water into it. Apply it on your hair and let it sit for ten minutes, then rinse it well. Lemon juice can whiten the hair so it is recommended for those who have naturally white hair. However, if your hair is dark and you colored it with bright hair dye, use some vinegar and water solution instead of lemon juice.

Get dye removers

Nowadays, there are already those dye removers that you can get from the market. These products are specifically designed to remove the temporary hair dye color. You can just take a trip to your usually health and beauty shop and ask for dye removers. Follow the directions written on the label to know the proper application.

Go to your stylist or contact hair dye producer

If a hair stylist was the one who dyed your hair, then you can just go back to his salon and ask for tips on how you can get rid of the temporary hair dye. Chances are he would know some simple do-it-yourself tips to share to you. If you were the one to dye your own hair, check out the product that you have used and contact its manufacturer to ask for tips on how you can remove their hair dye from your hair.

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