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How to Get Rid of Vomit Smell in Car

The most practical way to travel long distances on the road is a car. When we travel great distances, we would definitely spend a lot of time inside the car. We would eat and sleep while we await the arrival to our destination. There is no denying that we may feel queasy due to motion sickness, and the combination of the food that we eat could lead to disastrous results such as vomiting…inside the car.

Vomit inside the car can result in a bad smell that is very unpleasant to the nose, it stings the nostrils. Since the car is closed most of the time, it allows the smell of the vomit to concentrate inside making the odor very intolerable. The bad part is that the smell is very nauseating itself and can lead to a chain reaction.

Wiping off the vomit will not remove the foul smell it produces. There should be added effort done when dealing with vomit smell in car. Air fresheners wouldn’t do the job as well since the combination of strong fragrance with foul smelling vomit can give you headaches. Here are some of the things that you can do to get rid of vomit smell in car:

Clean up

Vomit is mostly composed of liquid components and the smell can get worst when it dries up. Upon hitting the surface, vomit should be wiped off almost instantly. By wiping vomit, you prevent it from soaking into the surface making matters easier to manage. If it goes to the upholstery, dab it with tissue paper to make sure that it absorbs the remainder of the liquid. If there are food particles that you can pick up, wear gloves and pick them up one by one to be disposed of in plastic bags. The key is to remove any immediate signs of vomit in the car as they are the main source of the smell.

When you get home, you should remove all of the affected upholstery from the car and launder it. Wash it thoroughly with soap and water and dry it up under the sun. Do not leave any upholstery with vomit on it overnight since the smell can be harder to dissipate especially if our vehicle is under the sun. The bacteria from the vomit could reproduce quickly due to the fact that moisture has been produced from the vomit leftover in the car.

Make sure that you perform a complete wipe down of the car interior. Use either soap or water solution or spray on cleaning solution. Brush the affected surface until all traces of vomit, including the stains, have been removed.

Use baking soda

You can apply baking soda to the affected area as it has properties that absorb odor and moisture. Apply baking soda liberally in the affected area as it will soak up the remaining moisture and help neutralize the vomit’s acidity. Baking soda is high in alkaline and it helps break down acids that also cause the foul odor.

Allow proper ventilation

While you clean the car, roll down the windows and let the air circulate inside. This will allow for proper ventilation since the bad smell will be circulated outside the car. Do not close the windows until you are certain that the smell has been removed since the faintest of smell can produce odors that can linger inside the car.

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