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How To Get Rid Of White Spots On Teeth

The teeth are very important part of your body like the rest of the digestive system. They are required so you can break down food and assimilate it to your stomach. Without healthy teeth, you will be unable to eat many other foods other than soft or liquid ones. People who don’t take care of their teeth often find themselves prone to tooth decay that could lead to loss of teeth due to rotting. To avoid such a problem, proper hygiene is recommended. Your teeth are not really asking for much. You only need to brush, floss and wash regularly. That isn’t to say brush your teeth every 5 minutes, but at least 3-5 times a day after every meal. This is so you can prevent complications that could cause you to become toothless, or in this case, a stained, infested mouth.

White spots on teeth are common on people that don’t promote proper hygiene. It is caused by the calcium deposits build up which is often the result of neglected brushing and other mouth cleansing practices. They are also called tartar and calculus. Of course, prevention isn’t limited to just brushing. You also need to eat sufficient nutritious food in order to keep your teeth healthy and white spot free. Another way of prevention is to check with your dentist at least once or twice every year. So to give you a safe guideline, this article will show you how to get rid of these white spots on teeth.

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide as toothpaste

Both baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are notorious home remedies for removing calcium deposits on teeth. When combined, they will try to dissipate the calcium deposits into bubbles. Simply drop some peroxide to your toothpaste and sprinkle some baking soda to it when you brush your teeth. An electric toothbrush can also be used for a more thorough brushing. Wash your mouth with clean water afterwards.

Use teeth whitening strips

Teeth whitening strips can help even out the color of your teeth. You can get them at almost any drugstore. One of the most popular brands is the Crest White strips, Listerine Strips or Zoom. You can also refer to your dentist for the best type of whitening strips for your teeth. Simply follow the directions on the label of the product that you bought to know how to properly use it.

Have a fluoride treatment

Sometimes, white spots on teeth may be caused by the lack of fluoride in your teeth. In order to treat this, you might have to undergo fluoride treatment. This is administered by the dentist. So simply pay your dentist a visit and ask for this treatment.

Go for dental bonding

Dental bonding can get rid of the white spots on your teeth. Through this method, your teeth will be filled with teeth coating or veneer, to even it out. Dental bonding usually is not very expensive unlike other more advanced treatments.

Get veneers

If after dental bonding, the white spots returned, then you can opt to get veneers. It is a teeth device that is used in order to restore your teeth and protect them as well. Unlike dental bonding fillings, veneers will be placed to cover your whole tooth and not just some areas that need some filling. Consequently, it is more expensive. Just go to your dentist for more information.

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